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Hurricane Katrina roared through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and touched a few other states this week. The devastation is total. Many lives were lost; property damage in the billions and a toxic wasteland will be left in its wake.

Government response was shamefully poor, and the agencies that are overpaid to over plan for such disasters were rendered impotent. Although other countries offered to help, the President of the United States refused it.

People now talk about rebuilding the cities discounting the toxicity of the air, water, buildings and land. Chemical plants, oil refineries, dead bodies, sewerage, dead animals are only the tip of the toxic iceberg.

For the past thirty years or so there has been a strong environment movement and education taking place in the United States. There has also been a new spiritual movement incorporating respect and understanding of the planet, Gaia - Earth. Many people, politicians, religions have chosen to ignore the work of Nobel prize winning scientists on runaway global warming and destruction. Humankind has chosen to ignore common sense when building on or over nature.

If your house is made of sand, don't be surprised when the ocean takes it way. If you build your house near a volcano, don't be surprised when the lava flows. If you trust your body and soul to a politician or religious figure, don't be surprised when your soul is lost. If you're waiting for someone else to run your life, you'll lose it.

Centuries ago, humanity knew how to live with and respect nature. There were many rituals and offerings to spirit keepers of all forms for all the beauty and life given by Planet Earth. People knew how to share the bounty of Earth with each other, and money did not exist. Ownership of the land did not exist. To take something from nature without an offering in return was unheard of. To see your brother or sister (two legged, four legged, crawling, swimming) in need and not help was unheard of.

We are taught in school about cause and effect. We are taught that for every action there is an equal reaction. When the Earth is invaded through mines, bombs, etc., she may release certain gases, dis-eases to protect herself from further invasion. If "shock and awe" goes off in the Middle East, "shock and awe" will come back at us. This is common sense and common science.

When man thinks he can manipulate nature and the weather, nature and weather will manipulate man. There has never been an instance where man can beat nature, yet for his stupidity and rigidity he continues to try. How much manipulation of the Earth, the weather, the resources has man been guilty of? Well, for every action there is an equal reaction.

I myself have been an environmentalist for the past 30 years. I co-host twice a month a show called "The Earth News Hour". I walk my talk, drive my talk, write my talk, and then wait on the events based on common sense to unfold.

We are now in the age of the superstorms. We will NEVER have "normal" weather again. Global warming is out of control, greedy Corporations run and ruin the planet and the time is way past due to develop alternate lifestyles that compliment the Earth.

People ask me "where can I move?" " what should I store?" and similar questions. The answer is simple (corny but simple) "wherever you go, there you are". There is NOWHERE to move. The One World Order minions, greedy corporations, pollution is everywhere. What should you store? Look at Louisiana for that answer. It's all been swept away.

The best place to move is inside yourself. Live about 10 inches from your head inside your heart. The best things to store up is your spiritual wardrobe. Who are you? What do you stand for? Are you brave enough to stand up for the Planet and the people? What are you driving? Eating? Buying? Sharing?

We are living in very exciting, interesting times. Many prophecies have been written about these times. Knowledge and respect for the planet will tell you all you need to know in times of uncertainty. Surely the animals know how to get out of harm's way and survive without jobs. Are we any less? We live in the days of all the "isms" falling. Catholicism, Capitalism, Communism, etc.

Perhaps the reaction from Katrina will be the realization that we don't need a Federal Government. We don't need wars. We don't need to be a nation of consumers. What we do need is love for each other. Friendship with the whole world. Technology and dollars spent to clean up the mess we've made of our home - Earth. The message of the medicine wheel is the same now as it's always been "live in a sacred manner or die". Imagine a huge medicine wheel filled with love encircling the planet. Pray for peace. Send your love out worldwide! Perhaps Katrina will have saved the planet by the time all is said and done. Pray for all living things,


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