Send the buses to evacuate New Orleans and act like the Christians you claim to be!

**** Personal Call for Action **** This is Not a Press Release or Related to any Voting Issues **** Strictly Personal Letter

Please flood the Whitehouse and former Utah Governor Leavitt with requests to send the buses to evacuate New Orleans and act like the Christians they claim to be. Lines of buses are sitting outside New Orleans while people die!! Take the people anywhere where there is running water and dirt to dig an outhouse and let other people bring them tents and food!! (or drop the New Orleans refugees off at truck stops - anywhere with water and sanitation where volunteers can reach them.)

Whitehouse emails are:

comments@whitehouse.gov and vice_president@whitehouse.gov

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461

Why we have not evacuated the stranded in New Orleans, is more than I can comprehend! Nor did I understand why buses were not sent in to evacuate the vehicle-less indigent BEFORE the hurricane hit when everyone knew that New Orleans would be flooded.

Do we have to drive to New Orleans ourselves to pick up those people or is the President going to order the buses in to pick them up?

At least someone should have TOLD us that the authorities would not even allow the buses to evacuate all the people, so that real Christians and other spiritually mature folks in America could have driven there ourselves to rescue people from death!!

I am outraged!

Do I have to drive to New Orleans myself to help evacuate the rest of the people there?

Why are they rescuing them out of flooded homes, only to let them die on the pavement inside the city?

What is the matter with this Whitehouse and our former Governor Leavitt that they let people die needlessly rather than evacuate New Orleans immediately?

Do they not understand that bringing more people into a city without water or sanitation is illogical, unintelligent, and will only cause more deaths? New Orleans needs to be evacuated for many months - or perhaps for good - at least until it is habitable!

Why are they keeping people in New Orleans who want to leave? This is America. We are not supposed to enslave Black people to let them die on slave ships any more. These people want to leave New Orleans. Get them OUT of New Orleans now before more of them die!

To keep these victims in New Orleans any longer is the height of moral bankruptcy!

Yet I hear Mike Leavitt, former Utah Governor and Director of Human Health now, talking as though he plans to keep those people in New Orleans indefinately - even though they want to leave. That is called slavery! And it is even worse because it is obvious that they will die if left in the unsanitary conditions in New Orleans now.

Am I wrong? If so, please explain it to me?

Any open pasture or forest land with a clean stream running through it, or a well, would be more survivable than New Orleans is now. Let those people go!

Kathy Dopp


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