Residents check phone mast levels - Have you noticed what a publicity coup this is going to be?

Monday, September 05, 2005 8:51 PM

Subject: Obviously people have huge concerns about mobile phones.

Here is another wireless gimmick that people are sure to trust??? I wonder who calibrates this monitoring equipement?? It would be nice if someone in the area were able to check the radiation densities with a properely calibrated spectrum analyzer. We already know that the WHO maximumums are too high and killing us, so what else is new??

Regards Robert

"We thought if people could check themselves - on a weekly basis if necessary - the actual levels against the World Health Organisation maximums then that could provide some reassurance."


Oh I forgot, there are drugs for that!! -- RER Residents check phone mast levels Residents worried about mobile phones can now use the internet to keep track of the level of emissions from masts.

The joint project between Vodafone and Oxford City Council - named Cassiopea - will record emission levels in the Cowley area of the city.

This data will then be made available as a graph on the council's website, compared to the recommended maximum.

Authorities say the small mobile unit - which is solar-powered - will be moved to other areas of Oxford in the future.

'Huge concerns'

The machine will detect Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) from all sources, not only mobile phones but also origins as diverse as taxi firms and baby listening devices.

Jane Frapwell, who is running the project for Vodafone, told the BBC News website the company had provided training and information to the council but was taking a back seat.

"We've consciously decided to do that, so people can be reassured it's independent," she said .

"Obviously people have huge concerns about mobile phones.

"We thought if people could check themselves - on a weekly basis if necessary - the actual levels against the World Health Organisation maximums then that could provide some reassurance."

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2005/08/31 18:24:40 GMT

© BBC MMV http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/oxfordshire/4202798.stm


THE HEADACHE ?? It's just in people mind: It is a problem of public perception ! The WHO published a booklet on how to deal with public perception on EMF, so here is one of the fruits of the hard work. Put an "independent" monitoring equipment to make sure that the headaches stand in the ICNIRP standard. The population is in a very well controlled study, everything is under control, no need to worry. We will have to wait with the headaches for the conclusive proof.

Iris Atzmon.


Check online to see how masts affect you

Residents check phone mast levels

Now think what it actually means.

Vodaphone will prove to the world, to everyone concerned, to every campaigner, to every Council and planner, that their masts will not make people warm, because they comply hugely with the guidelines on acute exposure.

How many of these people will be reminded that there are no guidelines on chronic low-level exposure to comply with, and that this is where all the real worries lie?



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