A message from Florida

I am posting this to show you all that although life isn't great here, we have much to be thankful for. My spiritual sister, Spirit, is full Cherokee and works for the emergency services in Florida on the phone lines. She is pretty strong and always copes well. I am very close to her and knew there was trouble coming somewhere, which is why I phoned her. We firmly believe that what we are seeing and hearing around the world is the product of Man's abuse of our planet. In our own ways we are all campaigning against some of this abuse, so we need to be strong and united and move forward in a peaceful and productive way. If you pray, now is the time to add your voices to the world-wide prayers of many nations and beliefs.


hi Sandi- i don't know how i made it until Friday but thank goodness- it has been a most heartbreaking week-those poor people in new orleans and mississippi - there is no bellsouth left down there so our office is taking most of the calls and it is so sad i have to unplug once in a while and cry. people call and tell me they can't find their families and it goes on and on. those people don't even have police protection so we have to take 911 calls and we can't do a thing for them. the police can't get to them anyway. they have been busing people to houston and dallas texas, and we have camps here in panama city for the evacuees. some other counties are setting up camps as well. we have all been working overtime and they asked us to work all weekend as well. but i don't think i can handle it. i am having nightmares and can't sleep from this. so this week i have come home and gone to bed. the scary thing is that if that storm had moved 100 miles east, it would be us instead of them. and the storm came 100 miles inland still the category 4-it would have wiped us out clear past the alabama border. i am only 30 miles from alabama. only 35 miles from the main bay, and 25 miles from an arm of the bay. i am really having a hard time with it. i really enjoyed talking to you the other night-i am sorry i couldn't hear you well. i was in a fog i think too! yasmin wrote an email and said her necklace is here in the title, but i cant open the email to read it-darn AOL! i hope you are fine-and i hope they get this noisy phone line cleared up soon-it's really a bother. but since the storm hit, it might not happen for awhile. i am going to try and send this-aol keeps kicking me off- love and hugs to you Sis. Spirit

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