Tell the world and ask: Why are the soldiers carrying assault rifles instead of water?

Please forward-----post to appropriate web logs as a general question and appeal-- rewrite in your own words if you like...

Why are the soldiers carrying assault rifles instead of water? CNN is broadcasting images a military convoy of some (12 to 15) supply trucks driving through deep water into the New Orleans convention center area since around 10:30am PDT Friday, Sept 2. Tens of thousands of people are without drinking water or food, STRANDED and crowded onto the tiny islands of dry land, into the fifth day since the hurricane. These people are literally DIEING from dehydration. Many are already dead. I ask again: Why are the soldiers carrying assault rifles instead of water? Where are the WATER TRUCKS?

There are obviously boxes of food, good, yes, but WATER IS NEEDED, more than anything. Carry in the drinking water -- Large trucks full of drinking water are needed immediately. Emergency water treatment facilities need to be set up. Emergency water collectors and water tanks should be brought in empty and positioned to collect clean, fresh rainwater BEFORE the next rains happen. It may be months or years before this flooded region is dry again, and normal water treatment plants may be out of commission for just as long. Immediate temporary solutions can be quickly implemented as longer term solutions are put in place.

Call the Red Cross, call the National Guard, call the white house and call upon CNN and also FSTV and PBS and Amy Goodman--Democracy Now! to publicly DEMAND them to send more swift boats, military planes and helicopters to drop into remote flood zones with packages of food, CLEAN FRESH WATER, inflatable row boats, life rafts and inflatable zodiac boats, emergency radios and telephones, low cost individual solar water distillers and other emergency survival and rescue supplies.

Call at least several Congressional Representatives and Senators and any elected officials anywhere in the USA. Anyone you know who knows anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone in the white house or the Federal or State levels of government. Create an ever increasing public outcry against the further occupation of ALL foreign lands and the continued neglect of our domestic needs.

Where is the Fresh WATER YOU BASTARD? You are NOT HUMAN

We are grossly underestimating the developing catastrophe in NO

CHINA just evacuated 790,000 in path of hurricane, "W"

Informant: sash


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