The disaster and future fallout from the “Katrina” catastrophe will be with us for months to come

September 2nd 2005


ECTV Adds Special “Hurricane Katrina” Page

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

The disaster and future fallout from the “Katrina” catastrophe will be with us for months to come. As a result, we have added a special “Hurricane Katrina” page to our website. It is on the left side menu. I have made this free to all. There is much to learn from what has happened; it very well may be a blueprint for events to come.

Katrina Link: //www.earthchangestv.com/hurricanekatrina.php

I have spent the last 10 years in preparing myself, and through Earth Changes TV, my national and world community for the times we have entered. It has been told to us by our ancestors and passed down from generation to generation. The one harmonious message passed on by almost every ancient tribe from the beginning is… “change will come, and you will be different”. They knew of natural rhythmic cycles that came before them, and will be here after we are gone. Simply put, it is the rhythm of life. The Hopi’s speak of the end of the 5th World. The Mayan Calendar tells us of the time of transition (December 21st 2012). The Bible tells us of ‘Revelation’ in the end times. The Egyptians tell us of “Ra” (Sun) to return in the later years. The Aztecs show in their calendar a center glyph of the Sun with its tongue hanging out. This is translated to say “In this time, the! Sun will speak to us”.

I know some of you would like to think we humans are all powerful (at least in our present state of being) to change the rhythm (or cycle) of nature….Wrong. We are nothing but a flea at the end of a lion’s tail. Yes, you can make a strong argument that man is intended to rise above the angels; I cannot argue this. It is believed by many that an angel, as mighty and blessed as they are, will never be more than an angle. But for us humans, we have the capacity “to rise above the angles”. Most religions and spiritual paths affirm this knowledge. The principle of “ascension” crosses many beliefs, from Buddhism to Catholicism, to Hinduism, to Egyptians, to Countless indigenous tribes. But I think we can all agree, collectively we’re still pretty far from utilizing our higher potential.

Many disasters have been in our past, many disasters are still ahead. I suggest to you we should not fear the disaster itself, but our reaction to such disasters. Do your current actions and beliefs reflect the wisdom of our ancestor’s message… “change will come, and you will be different”. This statement empowers us to choose if the time of transition will be a painful one, or an enlightening journey. Have you taken the necessary actions of basic preparedness in your personal, spiritual, and community life?

See ECTV’s Survival Tips: //www.earthchangestv.com/survival/index.php


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