Katrina: Important Points Brought Out by on Air America

Here are some VERY GOOD points and questions.....IF WE can think of these good solutions....WHY can't they? Could it be ...They don't want to?

Check it out!!

Thanks Hazel!!



I listened to Air America all afternoon yesterday, 9/1. Many important points:

1. Only 72 Helicopters to evacuate 10,000 people.

2. Inflated boats could have been dropped from helicopters.

3. Small planes could have banners behind with instructions.

4. Wal-Mart and all stores should have opened to the public for free merchandise.

5. People stayed behind because they were told they would lose their jobs if they left.

6. The majority of the folks left behind are/were poor folks with no money at the end of the month and no way to get out..... was this intentionally created to eliminate these people?

7. Medical supplies could have been dropped.

8. Planks of water, food, medicine, clothing, etc. could have been dropped.

9. These people need Gatorade...and this should have been supplied and dropped....

10. My thought: All Greyhound and other buses and trains nearby should have been brought in before the hurricane hit and taken people out of there for free. The "authorities" knew the poor people had no money to get out.

11. Babies were taken out without their parents to who knows where....

12. No news shows mentioned......that bodies are all over the place and many were being eaten by alligators.

13. Looters were being arrested and handcuffed to be taken to......where?

14. My thought: If it is true that there are internment camps all over the US (800 supposedly) which are completely supplied, manned and ready for action....... If this is true, then why aren't they being used? Because this is a lie.....fear propaganda to keep the Internet distracted from true events..... These reports come out every few months.

15. FEMA has supposedly been training and having disaster drills constantly.... If this is so, why have they been unable to perform relief and organization?

16. Why is it that ALL of Louisiana's National Guard is in Iraq? Perhaps because they were waiting for this hurricane season to HAARP this particular area of poor folks, mostly black.......and guess who will most likely be doing the "reconstruction".....might it be Halliburton? Very convenient for "them" to now create jobs...

17. Where is the "knowledge" that Jeb Bush has about a devastation like this? Why is he so quiet?


19. Reports have been that the world has been offering help and this govt has refused help.

20. The idiot's main thoughts are about reconstruction.....with barely any mention of the people.

21. Was this a "training exercise" on a large scale.

22. Why haven't companies like Coca-cola, etc. offered free water.

23. Is this the start of martial law for the country?

24. Interesting that all military leave had been cancelled BEFORE this horror occurred...isn't it?

25. Something to think about........the TimeTraveller, John Titor, said civil war began in the US in 2005..... Also, I have heard that this summer was being referred to as "The Summer of Blood"...Why?

26. Where is Cheney?

27. There was more, but those are the things that stuck in my mind.

28. Do you really think that this was a totally natural event?

29. Someone was shooting at the military which caused them to back off and other relief efforts, too.....do you really think that these devastated people would shoot at those who were attempting to help? Or were those bullets conveniently fired by inside ops in order to keep help away so that more people would die?

I pray for the safety of all of us.

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