30,000 students in India demand a safe future for the world's children from UN World Leaders Summit

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30,000 students in India demand a safe future for the world's children from UN World Leaders Summit

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Lucknow, 1st September:

On behalf of around 30,000 students of City Montessori School, Lucknow and world's two billion children about 7,000 students of CMS took out a grand World Unity March demanding the Heads of State and Government of various countries, who are going to participate in the 2nd Millennium Summit being held at New York, USA, from 14 to 16 September 2005, to take decisive steps for a New World Order that will ensure a safe future for the two billion children of the world as well as the succeeding generations. It may be recalled that the agenda of the UN World Summit including decisions pertaining to reform and democratization of the United Nations for making it more effective. The CMS students have appealed to all the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the World that the time has come to abolish veto powers in the world and establish the rule of law. They should lay the foundation of a World Government in which there is Rule of Law and not the Rule of powerful nations that enjoy veto powers. Only then can we save the world from destruction.

The World Unity March by CMS students began at Kailashpuri Chauraha and moved via the Hind Nagar crossing, LDA Colony, Kanpur Road ending at the CMS World Unity Convention Centre at CMS Kanpur Road Branch. The marching children held placards demanding a united and peaceful world. Other slogans demanded rule of law worldwide, abolishing of veto power system in the UNO, and enforceable international law. A delegation of six CMS students addressed the gathering of students and delivered the appeal to world leaders participating in the UN World Summit in September, asking them to ensure that children of the world and future generations inherit a safe and healthy ecology because it is the inter-generational responsibility of every generation to pass a safe and healthy ecology to the next generation. The children also appealed for enactment of enforceable international law by a duly constituted world law making body, banning all weapons of mass destruction — including nuclear, chemical and biological. They also demanded ecological conservation efforts aimed at halting global warming and ensuring sustainable development for all.

The Minister for Higher Education, U.P., Hon’ble Mr Ram Asrey Vishwakarma and the Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University, Mr R. P. Singh inspired and encouraged the students at the World Unity March which was led by 300 girls of CMS Degree College, Lucknow. At CMS Degree College, Kanpur Road, the World Unity March converted into a large assembly of students in which some students presented their views on world unity and appealed to the World Leaders for a New World Order. Shri Ram Asrey Vishwakarma, Minister for Higher Education U.P. Govt. highly appreciated the value based Quality Education of CMS and the global exposure that is being given to its students making them sensitive to the problems of mankind.

Speaking on the occasion, Pallavi Srivastava of CMS Gomtinagar Branch said that the agenda for the UN Summit being held from 14 to 16 September 2005 included reforming the UN, as per the recommendations of Dr Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General, who had sent his recommendations for UN reform titled "In Larger Freedom" to all heads of state and government.

Nupur Singh of CMS Gomtinagar Branch pointed out that when the UNO was established sixty years ago, there was just one country with a few nuclear bombs, the USA. Today, the USA has about 12,070 nuclear warheads while Russia has 22,500; France has 500; China has 450; UK has 380; India has 65 and Pakistan has 25 nuclear bombs. Together these seven countries have nearly 36,000 nuclear warheads while about eighty countries are said to possess deadly chemical and biological weapons.

Aparna Bajpai of CMS Mahanagar (NB) Branch said that in a historic judgement dated July 8th 1996, the International Court of Justice declared the use, or even the threat of use, of nuclear weapons - no matter what the circumstance-would be "contrary to the rules of international law applicable in armed conflict". Unfortunately, the decisions of the International Court of Justice have no legal enforceability and thus the world's stockpile of nuclear weapons continues to grow, threatening the very survival of life on planet earth.

Rahul Siddharth of CMS Mahanagar (3rd Building) Branch emphasized that if we have to save humankind from the impending catastrophes of a nuclear holocaust or eco-disaster and from the vicious threat of international terrorism, humanity has to find a common thread for binding all the countries of the world into one global family.

Divyansh Verma of CMS Mahanagar (3rd Building) Branch urged all heads of state and government to accept recommendations of Dr Kofi Annan and to ensure the UN Summit takes a positive decision on reforming the United Nations. He also recalled that Dr Kofi Annan has been repeatedly emphasizing for the last two years that no meaningful reform of the UN is possible without reforming the Security Council and therefore urged abolition of the highly discriminatory veto power system in the Security Council.

Shubhi Kamal of CMS Rajajipuram Branch demanded inclusion of a distinct and separate "Right to a Safe Future" in the "UN Declaration of Rights of the Child" as this would be a strong recognition of the right of world's children to inherit a safe and healthy ecology and could serve as a basis for banning all weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical and biological, since these are a threat to ecology and thus violate the right of generations yet unborn to inherit a safe and healthy ecology.

Renowned educationist and Founder-Manager of CMS, who has lit the whole world with the flame of World Unity, Mr Jagdish Gandhi, said that CMS has been running a campaign since 1999 asking the UN and world leaders to form a democratic World Government because the world’s problems can no longer be solved by national governments; what we need is World Government. For his campaign to abolish nuclear weapons and ban nuclear testing to ensure safe, healthy ecology for world's children and promotion of his novel concept that "Enforceable International Law is the idea whose time has come", Mr Gandhi has been hailed as a champion for the cause of world's children and regarded as a visionary like Victor Hugo who once said "There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world and that is an idea whose time has come". The world leaders have written to Mr Gandhi stating that his demand for "Enforceable International Law" is "highly appropriate" and "timely", and "deserves widespread support".

This CMS campaign has received support from numerous heads of state, heads of government, chief justices and eminent leaders from all over the world. All these messages of support can be read by anyone on the school’s website at


(Raj Shekhar Chandola) Head CMS World Unity and Peace Education Department (WUPED)



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