Cindy Sheehan Demands the Congress to Meet with the Mothers and answer her questions

From: CODEPINK codepink@democracyinaction.org

August 31, 2005

Those of us who have had the unbelievable opportunity of participating in the historic vigil in Crawford, Texas, have been transformed by this experience. We will be eternally grateful to Cindy Sheehan and the other military families who have revived the sagging spirits of the peace movement and provided inspiration to millions of Americans desperate to see an end to this war. Among the many breath-taking moments at Camp Casey was Sunday's showering of Cindy with 4,700 roses, placing them on all the crosses representing fallen soldiers, and bringing light and hope and color to this arid Texas landscape. Many thanks to all of you who made that beautiful tribute possible.

Now that this historic vigil is coming to an end, Cindy Sheehan has a new request for people around the country, especially mothers: Take the Camp Casey spirit back to every congressional district and senate office in this country and demand from our elected officials answers to the questions that George Bush refused to answer.

Cindy's plan, called "Meet with the Mothers" //www.meetwiththemothers.org , gives us a concrete way to stand with Cindy. Between now and the upcoming anti-war mobilization in Washington DC on September 24, our job is to ask our own representatives and senators for a meeting to reply to Cindy's questions:

President Bush has said that brave Americans like Cindy Sheehan's son Casey have died for a "noble cause". What is that "noble cause"? How many more lives are we as a country willing to sacrifice in Iraq? How many are you personally willing to sacrifice? What are you specifically doing to bring our sons and daughters home from this needless war?

The meetings should include military families, mothers and members of the clergy, and should be videotaped to make sure the record is clear. We will go into these meetings with great sincerity, and expect the same from our elected officials.

To increase the pressure on Congressional members, we are asking you to join Cindy’s voice by sending her letter to your representative and senator. The more times they receive it, the better.

If you are willing to be part of or head a local delegation requesting a meeting with your elected official, please sign up here.

For those officials who refuse to meet, we ask you to consider setting up a "Camp Casey" in front of their offices until they agree to meet! It could be as simple as placing a tent with Camp Casey written on the side for an hour a day.

Every day from now until September 24, we will update the "scorecard" on the meet with the mothers website based on how each official has responded to Cindy's letter. On September 26, as part of lobby day, we will take the scores to congress and thank or spank members. We will publicize the scores nationwide, we will use these scores in upcoming congressional elections to continue pressurizing officials who are still unwilling to end this senseless war now.

Despite the unconscionable attacks on Cindy's character, family and motives, despite the tremendous emotional stress of coping with her ailing mother and pending divorce, Cindy has found strength in her son's legacy and her determination that no other mother should suffer as she has suffered. Let us take strength from Cindy's fortitude. Let us echo her questions throughout this land. Let us demand that every elected official who represents us in Washington come up with the answers that we—as mothers, as constituents, as peacemakers—need to hear.

With peace, hope and a determination to bring our troops home, Alicia, Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Tiffany & Whitney

P.S. Please join us and tens of thousands of concerned global citizens in Washington, D.C. from September 24-26. Be with us in this historic moment as we march on the White House and deliver onemillionreasons to Bush. Mark your calendars, reserve your tickets, and get your pink gear ready! Don't miss Independence Air's limited time offer on super-cheap airfares to Washington D.C. -- Book by midnight ET on September 1, 2005. You can travel 7 days-a-week from September 6 through November 15. To help sustain our work and actions, please consider making a donation to CODEPINK today, and don't forget to forward this email to your friends.

Informant: Martin Greenhut

Cindy Sheehan


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