Report warns of cop brain tumour risk

POLICE behaviour at the G20 protests in London could have been caused by the frequency used by officers' Airwave radios

Police Review article

5 June 09

Airwave allegations after G20 protests

Sarah Bebbington

POLICE behaviour at the G20 protests in London could have been caused by the frequency used by officers' Airwave radios interfering with their brainwaves, one expert has said...


Report warns of cop brain tumour risk

THOUSANDS of slow-growing brain tumours could be affecting Airwave-users in the UK, according to a physicist who specialises in the health effects of radio waves.

Barrie Trower, an independent research physicist who studies the effects of radiation on the brain, has predicted that officers could feel the effect of anything between 1,090 and 7,630 cancerous growths.

Mr Trower used research from the journal Scientific American, which stated there was a 0.206 per cent increase in the chances of contracting tumours by mobile phone users, to calculate how many Airwave users could be at risk.

The figure followed a report by Prof Lawrie Challis, the Government's lead scientist on mobile phone research, published in the International Journal of Cancer in 2007, which stated there was an association between tumours and prolonged mobile phone use. Mr Trower compared this to 300,000 police officers and staff, and other Airwave users.

He said: 'This suggests a potential for a possible 1,090 slow growing tumours, but it could be much more. It could be up to 7,630. I do not want to stop police officers using Airwave if they want it, all I want is a referendum on it. I would like people to be aware of what the dangers are. In my opinion, police officers are not being told the truth about Airwave.'

Airwave, ACPO and the National Policing Improvement Agency denied these claims. An ACPO spokeswoman said: 'There is no evidence that Airwave causes cancer or is responsible for behavioural change.'

An NPIA spokesman added: 'The statements attributed to Mr Trower are wholly speculative and have no basis in fact. Airwave has been in everyday use in every force in England, Wales and Scotland for many years for every type of policing event.'

An Airwave spokeswoman said: 'Research continues to enhance scientific understanding about radio waves and health.

'The international scientific consensus is that there is no evidence of any adverse health effect within accepted exposure limits, regardless of frequency or modulation.'

Radio may face withdrawal call

THE Police Federation of England and Wales has said it will instantly call for Airwave to be withdrawn if associated ill-health effects are proven.

Paul Lewis, secretary of the federation's health and safety sub-committee, said: 'We would never advocate using any technology that would endanger the lives of police officers.

'In the past, we have stated that we would instantly call for the Airwave system to be withdrawn if it is proven to be detrimental to the health of users. We maintain that stance.

'We value scientific research and deem it to be wholly necessary, particularly where health and welfare could be at risk.'

He added: 'Police officers put their lives on the line to protect society and they need the right technology to do the job.

'In many ways Airwave has already proved itself to be an invaluable asset to policing since its complete introduction in 2005.

'There is still a debate over possible long and short term health effects. We cannot and will not ignore the risks associated with Airwave.'


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