Multiple chemical sensitivities and electromagnetic sensitivities may be considered disabilities under the ADA

IEQ Indoor Environmental Quality

It is not novel to send this out, as this was just sent around, but if you have not viewed the entire document, get the PDF here: //ieq.nibs.org/ieq_project.pdf

“The Board recognizes that multiple chemical sensitivities and electromagnetic sensitivities may be considered disabilities under the ADA if they so severely impair the neurological, respiratory or other functions of an individual that it substantially limits one or more of the NIBS IEQ Final Report 7/14/05 individual's major life activities. The Board plans to closely examine the needs of this population, and undertake activities that address accessibility issues for these individuals.

The Board plans to develop technical assistance materials on best practices for accommodating individuals with multiple chemical sensitivities and electromagnetic sensitivities. The Board also plans to sponsor a project on indoor environmental quality.

In this project, the Board will bring together building owners, architects, building product manufacturers, model code and standard-setting organizations, individuals with multiple chemical sensitivities and electromagnetic sensitivities, and other individuals. This group will examine building design and construction issues that affect the indoor environment, and develop an action plan that can be used to reduce the level of chemicals and electromagnetic fields in the built environment.”

Informant: Mark G.


Inflammatory bowel disease on the rise in specific populations


Here is another medical condition (inflammatory bowel disease) that electro hypersensitive victims suffer from, when they are exposed to electro magnetic radiation.

Is EMR damaging the immune system, which then allows bacteria to cause inflammatory bowel disease?

Why is Crohn's disease increasing in young persons? Is it because of their increasing exposure to wireless devices and EMFs?

Martin Weatherall


Men's Health June 2009: Hanging mobile

By Mirza Malik

Convenience comes at a price: "The cells in the body react to electromagnetic fields in mobile phones just like they do to other environmental toxins, including heavy metals and chemicals," says Martin Blank, PhD, a professor in bioelectromagnetics at Columbia University.

As a result of this, you are at an increased risk of infertility, hearing problems and even sleepless nights. Find out how to beat the odds.



Power line project has Sherwood Park folks angry

Calgary Herald - AB, Canada

It suggests there may be correlations between the power line electromagnetic frequencies and diseases such as leukemia, Alzheimer's and cancer. ...




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