Michael Jackson and EMF

Statue of the founder of GeKås

On this link mobilsmog.se has published the picture of the statue of the founder of GeKås, a low-price-shopping centre in Sweden. GeKås is a fanstastic commercial success and attracts visitors not only from Sweden but also Germany for instance.

The founder died some years ago in a malignant brain tumour, caused according to himself by his mobile phone. His children wanted the statue show him as he was normally i. e. wearing a mobile phone to his head.



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Michael Jackson and EMF

Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, a Health Physicist, Offers L.A. County, Coroner Division, and the Jackson Family Radiation Forensic Services for Michael Jackson Postmortem. . .

For Immediate Release:

(Free-Press-Release.com) June 28, 2009 -- Pop Star, Michael Jackson’s death sent shockwaves across America and around the world as people grieved at the heralding news of his death by cardiac arrest. It was alleged that within minutes of receiving his 11:30 AM injection of a prescribed painkiller called, Demerol, he went into respiratory failure.

The staff at the MiChi (pronounced MeChee) Health EpiCenter at University Central | Cincinnati, OH, led by Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, aka Dr. “A,” a Board Certified Health Physicist, were grief stricken also. They ask the question? Did the doctor do a baseline evaluation for electromagnetic radiation poisoning or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, EHS, (one of the new medical diagnoses) before prescribing the Demerol? In emails and phone calls to the Los Angeles County, Coroner Division, and the Attorney for Michael Jackson’s family, she volunteered her services to evaluate forensics for EMF radiation poisoning in his body as part of the autopsy.


With Michael returning to the studio after being in retirement for so long, his risks for EMF radiation exposure were increased due to the new digital electronics, plasma screens, wireless technologies, and lighting sources with mercy that are high all in EMF radiation. Studios that do not have MITIGATION SYSTEMS installed to block or harmonize this radiation are like giant microwave ovens. Michael along with many, in the entertainment industry, may have been suffering from EHS. Increased exposure to EMF, can alter the polarity of the cell membrane and allow rapid absorption of the drugs, like Demerol, into the tissue, especially the heart and cause a fatal heart attack. This is also why?... he may have had a delayed response to Narcan to reverse the effects of the Demerol, if it was administered. Other relevant questions of concern were: How was the Demerol injected? . . . in the muscle? Or . . . in the vein? If it was injected in the vein, then over how many minutes did the doctor administer the drug? Demerol can not be rapidly administer by IV. It is assumed that the drug was administered IV because of his immediate respiratory distress which is symptomatic for too much of the drug or the drug being given too fast. Respiratory distress and heart attacks can happen in laboring mothers and newborns too, if IV Demerol is given too fast or too much. Narcan can reverse this also. If Michael’s doctor administered Narcan, WHY? didn’t he call 911 immediately?... instead of 40 minutes later?

Medical research has documented so much disease process from EMF exposure that California’s Department of Public Health and Community Advocates have been proactive in getting the word out. Warning signs are posted in hotels and at gas stations warning the public about potential absorption and injuries from EMF and chemicals. THE GAS STATION SIGNS READ . . .


Do not return to your car while re-fueling. Electromagnetic static in your body cause an explosion resulting in your injury or death.

The World Health Organization has now issued two new medical diagnoses, “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity [EHS] and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity [MCS]” because of consumers massive exposure to environmental toxins. Michael Jackson may have had both. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Food and Drug Administration have all been advising “PRUDENT CAUTION” in the use of cell phones and other electronics because of the potential injury to the cells of body tissues. FREE training has been offered to doctors, nurses and allied health personnel by these agencies to help them enhance their screening skills for early detection. Few doctors, nurses, hospitals, and clinics, however, have engaged the training. Congress passed legislation also to form the National Environmental Education Foundation to help foster curriculum change in colleges and universities to enhance the skills of health care practitioners in testing for chemical and radiation toxicity. The symptoms of EMF radiation sensitivity are head clinching headaches, swelling of blood vessels to the heart and lungs; blocked blood vessels to the heart and lung from the swelling, asthma, autism to the unborn child of pregnant mothers, fibromyalgia , sustained back pain, psychosis, neurosis, paranoia, bipolar, schizophrenia, sustained aggression, memory loss, insomnia, dementia, liver - kidney diseases, alteration of the brain Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta waves and cancers of every kind. These dynamics lead many into drug and alcohol abuse. Michael had many of the symptoms. In recent months, his bizarre behavior and paranoia are classic Brain Theta wave alterations and his recent inability to sing on key could be altered Alpha waves from prolonged exposure to EMF or chemicals. Additionally, how much radiation did he have in his home from wireless surveillance cameras and other electronics as well? Many entertainers are poisoned from these high levels of EMF, both in studio and at home.

Former Vice President Al Gore is joined by Dr. George Carlo, PhD, JD, Dr. Ronald Herberman, MD (University of Pittsburgh), and Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale PhD, DHP, RN. Their message is simple “SAVE YOURSELVES. . . BLOCK EMF! REDUCE CARBON FOOT PRINTS! . . . USE PRUDENT CAUTION WITH CELL PHONES and ELECTRONICS” .

Additionally, Dr. Alale, the 2008 Recipient of the Congressional Order of Merit Award, is a Presidential Commissioner. She directs the effort of the EpiCenter to support the EPA initiative C.A.R.E. (Community Action for Renewed Environments) to reduce air and radiation toxins. They evaluate environments for gas, chemical, and radiation toxins and test people for toxicity from them. She is the inventor of the eStatic™, “ELF”™, and “ELF 3”™ Tests to screen for “risks” of electromagnetic radiation poisoning.

After she and her family almost died from EMF radiation poisoning and seeing so many patients suffering from it in the hospital, she took to the streets to find answers in the soil, water, and utilities. An article in The New York Times called, “Ohio, The Mini-Hiroshima,” gave her answers that nuclear waste, in the form of radioactive chemicals and uranium, had been buried all over Ohio post WWII and was now surfacing making so many people ill. Without funding, she recruited a TEAM of volunteer medical doctors, nurses, licensed massage therapists, biomedical engineers, civil engineers and paraprofessionals, that helped her screen over 2,100 persons to evaluate this emerging epidemic of persons with EMF radiation poisoning in Ohio. They developed protocols and technologies for treating and preventing radiation poisoning which is surmounting in the STATE. They are now canvassing to get signatures to get HOUSE BILL 159 for Universal Health Care passed to make treatments available to everyone in the state as well as the National Petition 101 - Mitigate America to get every house mitigated in the state. Her family moved from Washington, DC to Ohio and purchased a home that had high levels of converging radiation in it from the environment. It almost killed them. Sign her petition at http://www.michihealth.org or http://www.safegreenschoolS.com .

Informant: Nancy Naylor/CGamba


The Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson suffered from persistent insomnia.

49% of the United States population suffer from sleep difficulties.

Electro Magnetic Radiation causes severe sleep disruption.

Electro magnetic radiation is being used in huge amounts throughout the United States.

Was Electro Magnetic Radiation a significant factor in Jackson's death?

An inquest could examine Michael Jackson's EMR exposure from DECT phones, WiFi, cell phones, wireless video games, security systems, security personnel using wireless devices, his exposure to electro magnetic radiation from antennas etc. and whether that exposure may have been a contributing factor to his illness and untimely death.

Martin Weatherall

Michael Jackson pleaded for a powerful sedative for his persistent insomnia in recent months, according to a nutritionist working with the singer as he prepared for his comeback shows in London.

Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse specialising in nutrition, said she received a phone call from Jackson four days before his death that made her fear he had obtained Diprivan or another drug to induce sleep.

Lee said Jackson, who died of a heart attack on Thursday, complained that one side of his body felt hot and the other cold, leading her to believe that "somebody had given him something that hit the central nervous system".



Willard throws wrench into power line project

Salt Lake Tribune - United States

... the city despite concerns that electric and magnetic fields from the project could harm the health of nearby residents and damage property values. ...



Utah 345 kV Electric Power Line Permit Denied by Willard City on EMF Health and Safety Concerns

MarketWatch - USA ... to the Willard City Council that raised questions about the health impacts of the electric and magnetic fields to be emitted by the high-voltage lines.



Willard debating permit for Rocky Mountain power

StandardNet - Ogden, Utah, USA

Sage presented research pertaining to possible cancer-causing effects of electromagnetic field emissions from power transmission lines. ...




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