Protest against activity of General Direction of the Environmental Protection (Generalnej Dyrekcji Ochrony Srodowiska)

Protest against activity of General Direction of the Enviromental Protection Protest against activity of General Direction of the Enviromental Protection omeganews


Schützen uns die Grenzwerte für Mobilfunkantennen?

Hier die heute aktualisierte Version des einleitenden Artikels im Kapitel "Mobilfunkantennen" auf unserer Website


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Schützen uns die Grenzwerte für Mobilfunkantennen? Schützen uns die Grenzwerte für Mobilfunkantennen? omeganews


Could Your iPhone Be the Most Dangerous Cell Phone Ever?


No one's talking about the hidden dangers of cell phones, and which ones carry the most potential for causing brain cancer.



Nokia Developing A Cell Phone That Never Needs Recharging

The story below gives you a good idea of what our bodies are being subjected to from various sources of electro magnetic radiation. To be able to capture this amount of energy from such a long distance, indicates the amount of dangerous radiation that is being poured into the environment.

Martin Weatherall

Ambient electromagnetic radiation–emitted from Wi-Fi transmitters, cell-phone antennas, TV masts, and other sources–could be converted into enough electrical current to keep a battery topped up, says Markku Rouvala, a researcher ... Earlier this year, Joshua Smith at Intel and Alanson Sample at the University of Washington, in Seattle, developed a temperature-and-humidity sensor that draws its power from the signal emitted by a 1.0-megawatt TV antenna 4.1 kilometers away. ...


While you are microwaving your body with WiFi on a computer, why not microwave beans at the same time!

File under stupid new wireless devices.

Martin Weatherall


World's smallest microwave also has world's worst name

CNET News - San Francisco, CA, USA

... your food with electromagnetic radiation not unlike the radiation that your cell phone emits and picks up on to make a call with respect to frequency. ...


Information about digital TV in the USA

Yes, Virginia, the DTV transition still isn't over

CNET News - San Francisco, CA, USA

The FCC has no control over the properties of electromagnetic radiation. However, the requirements for acceptable reception of those digital signals are ...




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