Cell proliferation and brain



EMF-Omega-News 13. June 2009

Mobile phones, cordless phones and the risk for brain tumours

History of allergic disease and epilepsy and risk of glioma and meningioma (INTERPHONE study group, Germany)

Addiction to cell phones: are there neurophysiological mechanisms involved?

Cell Phones and Brain Cancer?

Are young people facing a brain cancer epidemic caused by cell phones?

Europe's MEPs Vote to Minimise EMF Exposure Risks

Liechtenstein confirms its intention to adopt the BioInitiative standard of 0,6 V/m

Living with EHS in an Electrified Wireless World

A young woman with electrosensitivity has asked to be moved to the Peninsula

EHS Norwegian boy profiled in Sunday Times Magazine, 7.6.2009

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Could Your iPhone Be the Most Dangerous Cell Phone Ever?

The mayors of several cities request a trial period of reducing EMF exposure levels

When Do We Know Enough To Stop Research on the Safety of Wireless Communications?

The Law is Probably the Best Chance to get Momentum for a Change

Alarm bells ring for the sparrow

Councillors sorry after Castle Bromwich phone mast error

Full extent of masts is exposed

Glimmer of hope for mast campaigners

Objections raised to extension of Green Belt mobile phone mast in Great Budworth

Families celebrate phone mast victory

Cell phone tower sites stir a fuss

Cancer victim's fury at wind farm tower

Mobile mast could be taken down

Protest against activity of General Direction of the Enviromental Protection

Nokia Developing A Cell Phone That Never Needs Recharging

UK Regulator Consider Wi-Fi on Steroids

Transmitting Smart Meters Pose A Serious Threat To Public Health

Italy antiterror law stunts Wi-Fi, critics say


2ème force politique dans le sud-est de la France, une victoire historique

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Transmitting Smart Meters Pose A Serious Threat To Public Health

Transmitting smart meters are being installed nationwide on gas, water, and electrical services, driven in part by funding for the Smart Grid Program approved as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

This is of great concern because the exposure to microwave and radiowave radiation from these meters is involuntary and continuous. The transmitting meters do comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) "safety" standards. However, those standards were initially designed to protect an average male from tissue heating (cooking) during a brief exposure. These standards were not designed to protect a diverse population from the non-thermal effects of continuous exposure to microwave and radiowave radiation. Therefore, these "safety" standards were not designed to protect the public from health problems under the circumstances which the meters are being used. The transmitting meters most often being used transmit continuously, every few seconds. This is picked up by a receiver and logged by the utility. You are exposed to the transmissions from all the meters within transmitting range. The meters often have a range of over 2 miles. Thus, the exposure is continuous and the "safety" standards the meters comply with are irrelevant to the situation. Please read this letter from the Radiation Protection Division of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the limitations of the FCC standards.


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Cell Phones and Brain Cancer?


Cell Phone War


Informant: Martin Weatherall


Europe's MEPs Vote to Minimise EMF Exposure Risks

An article by Eileen O’Connor of Radiation Research Trust

April, 2009

Members of the European Parliament have recently produced reports, declarations and suggested changes to the law in response to the various reports of adverse effects on health to wireless technology such mobile phones, phone masts, tetra, WiFi, Wimax and wireless communication systems. April, 2009 witnessed a rise in support for the precautionary approach.

There is evidence that increased exposure to wireless technology can cause biological effects below the levels laid down in the current EMF radiation exposure guidelines recommended by ICNIRP (International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection).

Brain tumours are on the increase and are now the leading cancer killer among the under-40s and disturbing statistics out this month show that the illness is on the rise. A third more children died in 2007 than in 2001.


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