EMF-Omega-News 25. August 2007

High blood pressure caused by EMR

Eye and mobile phone

Controlling electromagnetic fields

Ionizing radiation and molecular mechanisms

Police's Airwave radio system 'unreliable', says committee

Alaska Supreme Court Upholds Award for RF Radiation Injury Below Thermal Exposure Level

No respite from phone mast ‘hell’

Bee die-off now observed in British Columbia

Xghajra parents appeal against mobile phone mast

Bishampton protestors mast anger

Mobile phone letters anger

Thoughts From An Unlikely Switch-Off Activist

Phone mast: law unjust

Church mobile phone mast bid rejected

Appeals board overturns cell tower OK

Watchdog has ‘let us down’

Club against phone mast plan

Mobile phone mast worries

Works begins on mast while protestors visit phone company

Call to halt mast plan

Phone mast plans rejected

Masts will not be built after alleged threats

Church court says yes to mobile mast

Health warning: Cell phones may have to state radiation level

Church approves spire phone masts

Research underlines powerline cancer risk

Tracking magnetic signals in brain

Safety should be the primary concern in sites for cell towers

Noise of modern life blamed for thousands of heart deaths

Why not recommend persons move appliances away from beds?

Accelerated plant growth by electrical field

Protest staged over ESB powerline

Mouse Arm

The nuclear devastation of Iraq and the impossibility of any political or military solutions

Le Grenelle de l'environnement ? . . . les CEM ?

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Omega-News Collection 25. August 2007


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