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The nuclear devastation of Iraq and the impossibility of any political or military solutions

To date over 1100 tons of depleted uranium have been expended by the joint forces occupying Iraq. The majority of this material has been derived from munitions. Most of this material has been deposited in and around Baghdad an area of approximately 30 square miles. In essence Baghdad has been transformed into a toxic nuclear wasteland with background radiation levels over 1000 percent. The half life of the depleted uranium is 4.5 billion years, essentially rendering this region uninhabitable.

The notion that a political or military solution can be imposed on a region that has been transformed into a toxic nuclear wasteland is absurd. Our governments must be held accountable for this human tragedy which is unfolding and the total destabilization of the region that has occurred. The irony of the whole situation is that we are seeing the prophecy of Isaiah play out in front of us.

G.Goldberg, MD


The Bilderberg Plan: Control Oil, Control People

by Deanna Spingola

The first very memorable "oil crisis" occurred in 1973. Nixon, obedient to his handlers, announced the demonetization of the dollar on August 15, 1971. This allowed time for the "real deciders" to plan their strategy. Eighty-four individuals, financial, corporate and political elitists, gathered at Saltsjöbaden, Sweden for the annual Bilderberg meeting. American attendee, Walter J. Levy, outlined the plan for a pending 400% increase in OPEC revenues, the exact percentage that Kissinger would demand of Saudi Arabian Shah. Their intentions were....




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