EMR and Its Role of Increased Electrical Charge in Promoting Disease and Impairing Tissue Repair



Would you put your head in a microwave oven


Death by Blackberry?

August 12, 2007


In the wee hours of July 14, a 45-year-old Australian named John Patterson climbed into a tank and drove it through the streets of Sydney, knocking down six cell-phone towers and an electrical substation along the way. Patterson, a former telecommunications worker, reportedly had mapped out the locations of the towers, which he claimed were harming his health.

In recent years, protesters in England and Northern Ireland have brought down cell towers by sawing, removing bolts and pulling with tow trucks and ropes. In one such case, locals bought the structure and sold off pieces of it as souvenirs to help with funding of future protests. In attempts to fend off objections to towers in Germany, some churches have taken to disguising them as giant crucifixes.



WHO, EMF, Science and Repacholi


Re: WHO, EMF, Science and Repacholi


The violation of the Precautionary Principle by the World Health Organization


The violation of the Precautionary Principle by the World Health Organization and the former director of the Electromagnetic Fields Project, Michael Repacholi, constitutes a criminal assault on Mankind of the lowest kind. This action against all the nations of the world is even more grave and serious in the measure that it was committed with total knowledge of the damages caused by microwaves in human cells.

I have been confronted with engineers, physicists, electricians, lawyers, business administrators, high school graduates, etc, who claim that there is no MEDICAL evidence of these damages. Lawyers speaking of Neurology? Engineers speaking of human genetics? A business administrator speaking of oncology? This is the internal coherence that the WHO and the cell phone industry want everybody to believe. Michael Repacholi himself, he's not a medical doctor. Maybe because of this is that I am victim of his criminal conduct. Repacholi lacks the clinical expertise and the daily contact with living patients that any physician has, in virtue of which "DO NO HARM" is a guiding principle of conduct. Repacholi's own publications cannot be regarded as anything less than incriminating (just remember murine lymphomas)!

Carlos Sosa, M.D.



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