Address The Issue, Or Not?

Elizabeth May Leader, Green Party of Canada

5 June 2007

Dear Elizabeth,

For well over a year, I have been sending you regular e-mail updates about cancer and other health harm that is being caused by electro magnetic radiation. From the information that I have provided, you should be aware of cancer caused by cell phone antennas,and brain cancer from cell phones and from cordless phones. You should know that leukemia and other cancers are caused by electro magnetic fields from electrical power lines. In addition, damage to DNA, damage to cell structure, and changes in blood composition are caused by exposure to electro magnetic radiation. You will also know about harm to farm animals and families from ground current electricity and you have had personal knowledge about transformers and powerlines causing cancer among a great number of people in Newfoundland. You should also have learned that massive numbers of bees are dying, possibly because of electro magnetic radiation and that birds are disappearing from cities and, in particular, from areas that are close to strong sources of electro magnetic radiation. You should also be aware of various other health damage that is being caused by electro magnetic radiation.

From the information you have received, you should know that the World Health Organization has only been using scientific research that showed no harm to health while ignoring much research that did clearly indicate cancer and other health problems caused by electro magnetic pollution. You should also be aware that the person who was in charge of the WHO radiation branch was taking large amounts of improper expense money from industry sources and that he now works for industry and shows no concern for the health of mankind. You should know that Canada allows some of the most dangerous exposure levels in the world and that Health Canada and Industry Canada are providing false information to the public.

Despite all this information, I have not seen one report, statement, or press release from you or the Green Party to indicate that you have any concern about electro magnetic radiation. It seems ludicrous that an environmental party is ignoring what may be the worst environmental problem that Canada, and the world, has ever faced. There are even indications that the massive amount of electro magnetic energy that is being transmitted through the earth's atmosphere is adding significantly to global warming.

The message below that you sent to me, asks me to renew my membership to the Green Party. Unless you can convince me that you and the Green Party are going to make electro magnetic pollution a major part of your future campaign, I cannot in good conscience renew my membership. Instead, I am more likely to form a new national political party dedicated to bringing the dangers of EMR pollution to the public's attention. I originally joined the Green Party to give you support to become leader. I was aware that you had knowledge about the dangers of EMR and I expected you to use that knowledge to educate the public and make them safer. That has not occurred and I am very concerned as to why?

At this moment, the Canadian public faces great danger from electro magnetic radiation. Are you and the Green Party going to seriously address this crucial issue or not?

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall.


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