The new smog that is jeopardising the health of us all - How safe is our modern communications technology

Are Governments too afraid to act?

Issue 21 May 2007

While vitamin pills and herbal supplements now have to provide reports costing six-figure sums to the European Parliament's regulatory committees before they can even be considered for public use, no such proof of safety is required for WiFi, mobile phone masts nor mobile phones. In fact, far from it. There are, for example, no studies on WiFi despite its rapid expansion. The creation of 'Hotspots' on the underground, in hotels, in modern appartment blocks, in your children's classrooms and even in whole western cities, is often without your knowledge, and certainly without your approval. Has the failure to regulate gone too far - will the Government now merely look stupid if they try to reign it all in, especially when they are happy to take the occasional 26 billion pounds from mobile phone companies?

This e newsletter gives you an easy-to-understand overview. The latest on mobile phones - which, despite Press coverage to the contrary, certainly do not have the 'all clear'. The latest on Masts - where science is actually catching up with common sense. The latest on a new and very secret potential hazard: WiFi. You can choose to use a phone, but you may be living in the main beam of a mast and living and working in a WiFi hotspot without even knowing it!

Chris Woollams

Mobile Phones and Cancer: it's your call

This is one area where you do have a choice. Think mobile phones are safe? Think they have the 'All Clear'? Why does the rest of the world refuse to accept our 'safe' UK Government approved emission levels. This article will EXPLAIN how journalists and scientists make such glib statements - it tells you why a 'massive' 500,000 person sample is actually too small to get a sensible reading on brain tumours. And why looking for increases in brain tumours might just be a diversionary 'red herring'. Melatonin levels, our hormones and our immune systems are at much greater risk.

Here we also look at the Government Sponsored 2005/6 review of the link between EMF's and breast cancer; through hormones such as melatonin, prolactin and IGF-1. The Committee, reviewing over 600 research studies, found no threat - read the report, you may disagree. Finally, if you want to go further, we attach George Carlo's recent paper on 'Mobile phones and cancer' in which he explains why the 'Danish Cohort Study' which supposedly gave the world the 'All Clear', didn't.

* Mobile Phones & Cancer: It's your call -

* Case Not Proven - EMF's and cancer - http://www.canceractive.com/page.php?n=1423

* George Carlo - Mobile Phones and Cancer - http://www.canceractive.com/page.php?n=1541

Of Masts and Men
(with apologies to Hemmingway)

At last! Local Councils are actually rebelling. For a number of years, ever since a simplistic court ruling that masts were safe, councils have really only been able to turn down a new mast on aesthetic grounds for fear of legal challenge. But then many are hidden in petrol station forecourts or up church steeples! Many are put up before planning consent.

This was despite the Stewart report recommending caution near schools, or a mounting set of data showing all was not well. Here are three reports. First one by Dr Grahame Blackwell, written especially for icon on the latest burst of media controversy; the second a review of the latest press on the developing masts controversy, and thirdly an article by Eileen O'Connor, herself a breast cancer 'victim'. Victim? Yes, she believes her cancer was caused by the local mast.

* How safe is our modern communications technology? - http://www.canceractive.com/page.php?n=1540

* Of Masts and Men - latest UK Press - http://www.canceractive.com/page.php?n=1537

* Eileen O'Connor's Story - http://www.canceractive.com/page.php?n=1440

What is it with WiFi? How can this be happening, unchecked?

2 million new users in the last 18 months in the UK. Often they put their lap top - on their laps. Whole towns are now Hotspots. Yet, where is the research - any research - that this new technology is safe? The BBC's Panorama has just investigated WiFi, now in almost 70 per cent of British schools. And they found that the radiation was three times greater than the radiation levels obtained if the school was in a direct mast beam - and the Government urges that the latter should never happen to a school! Why is it not urging caution here? Do parents, teachers, school governors have an idea of potential risks?

We give you a summary of the Panorama programme, a few of the recent press articles on masts, and a reminder of the big issue in a specially written article for icon by Professor Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute.

* Panorama - the dangers of WiFi - http://www.canceractive.com/page.php?n=1536

* Press coverage on WiFi - http://www.canceractive.com/page.php?n=1538

* Professor Olle Johansson - an overview for icon - http://www.canceractive.com/page.php?n=967

The Precautionary Principle Why CANCERactive uniquely adopts this stance.

CANCERactive is the UK's Number 1 complementary and alternative therapy charity. Our stance is always to try to help patients work out what may have caused, and may be maintaining, their cancer. As a result we are also the UK's number 1 charity for Prevention..

We believe in the Precautionary Principle. Where there is top quality research evidence and expert opinion expressing concerns about increased risks, we believe you have the right to know, rather than wait until something is conclusively proven to 'cause' cancer, or the mechanism is fully understood. Indeed, it is almost naive, one could say negligent, for Governments and Health Authorities to wait for a single 'cause' of cancer to be proven: Cancer is a complex multi-step process and many factors probably contribute. While Governments dilly-dally, we are all being exposed to factors where science has shown a serious cause for concern. Where is the protection our Governments are supposed to afford us?

* CANCERactive - Prevention Homepage - http://www.canceractive.com/page.php?n=144

* Melatonin- quick facts - http://www.canceractive.com/page.php?n=1164

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


25th International Symposium: On Man and His Environment on Health and Disease

You may be interested to know that a 25th International Symposium--On Man and His Environment on Health and Disease is being sponsored at Richardson Hotel, Richardson, Texas (Dallas Area) by American Environmental Health Foundation ( http://www.aehf.com/ ) and the University of North Texas Health Center at Fort Worth,TX. The Focus of the conference is The Autonomic Nervous System -- Nutrition, Function and Dysfunction, Electromagnetics, Prevention. Several speakers from around the world will appear on the conference program. Among those on EMF is Donald Hillman, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA. He will describe sources of EMF in homes, Schools, and Workplaces, and Effects of EMF on Animals and Humans from his personal experience and review of world literature. Hillman studied effects of electricity on cattle, and human health.

The International Symposium was organized by Dr. William Rae, MD, 8345 Walnut Hill, Suite 225, Dallas, TX 75231. Dr. Rae is a surgeon who discovered his health was being affected by electrical exposure in the operating room. He built an isolation laboratory where patients can reside for a few days to stabilize. Then he conducts tests to measure Autonomic Nervous System responses, and to determine sensitivity to various allergens, including frequencies of EMF. His telephone number is (214) 368-4132, or secretary (214) 373-5161.


Istanbul: Global Bilderberg News


Informant: Millennium Twain


Can radiation from cell towers and power lines hurt us?

Newspaper article from British Columbia, Canada.

Martin Weatherall


Health dangers caused by electro magnetic radiation


Last week I was asked to attend at a local health show and provide information about electrical and electro magnetic pollution.

With little time for preparation I wrote two documents for distribution. The first was of local interest and it detailed sources of EMR and dangerous antennas in the area of Woodstock Ontario. The second document, How To Develop Cancer, was written to get attention for the health dangers caused by electro magnetic radiation.


There are many leaflets and documents provided by health authorities and other organizations about cancer prevention, but that information has obviously failed to halt the spread of cancer, I decided to try a different angle.

Electro magnetic radiation and the scientific links to cancer has been missing from most cancer prevention information. I decided to make EMR the main focus of my document and instead of prevention, how to develop cancer. The instructions explain some of the common sources of EMR and ways that people may develop cancer and other illnesses through over-exposure.

This tactic both puzzled and caused some real interest in the subject, among visitors to the show. When I explained to them how the information can be reversed and how they could make themselves and their families safer, they showed a great interest. They either had stories of their own about being affected by EMR, or they had more questions.

I am circulating 'How You Can Develop Cancer', in case others would like to use the document for their own EMR awareness activities. I realize that some people may not like this approach but I am hoping that others will send ideas about how the document can be improved so that we can make it a more powerful message.

Martin Weatherall



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