Omega-News Collection 16. June 2007

Antarctic glaciers 'flow faster'

Melting Ice-A Hot Topic?

Global Warming Is Speeding Up Ocean Waves

Arctic way of life threatened by global warming

Study Says 1 Billion Threatened by Sea Level Rise

The case of the disappearing Great Lake

Chinese demand drives global deforestation

Industrial Logging Gobbling Up Africa's Tropical Forests

Cyber warming: PCs produce same CO2 emissions as airlines

Do Massive Bee Die-Offs Mean an End to Our Food System as We Know it?

Genetically Modified Food: Panacea Or Poison?

World oil supplies are set to run out faster than expected, warn scientists

John Kanzius: Saltwater into fire


Iraq War

Is Iran next?


EMF-Omega-News 16. June 2007

EMF-Omega-News 16. June 2007

Chronic, prolonged low level "toxic" EMF/EMR exposures

Weak Kilohertz Electric Fields Kill Tumor Cells: Current EMF Paradigm at Risk

Radio-Frequency Radiation Exposure from AM Radio Transmitters and Childhood Leukemia and Brain Cancer

Irradiation of GAPDH: a model for environmentally induced protein damage

Alzheimer's Cases May Quadruple by 2050

Candida and mold can be activated by electrical fields, electrical
frequencies, microwave frequencies

Mobile phone mast could kill


Ignoring all research findings on the link of mercury to autism and Alzheimer's is a sign of lack of scientific and individual integrity

Mystery cancer cluster at ABC studio prompts nationwide testing

The Great Wi-Fi Debate

Wi-Fi in the classroom: health advice to schools

Free Wi-Fi plan draws protest

Aircrack: Millions computer without protection


WASHINGTON may soon become one of the first communities in America to take part in a groundbreaking epidemiology study researching the effect of cell towers on human health

Mobile giants versus you and bees

Common Bird Species in Dramatic Decline

Europeans dissatisfied with information on potential EMF health risks

Electromagnetic hazards protested - Activists ask for tighter controls on phone towers

Protesters concerned about the 3G mast proposed for Westdene

Victory near in phone mast fight

Ban for Manx mobile phone masts

Phone mast for Holy Trinity

Objectors rally to block mast on green site

Warring councillors call a truce

Go-ahead for mobile phone mast

Loddon phone mast row

Defend your rights in the planning system

Proposed playground cell tower siting becomes effective public education campaign

Phone mast rent signals profits

The radiation in our high streets

Proposed Playground Cell Tower Nixed By Effective Public Education Campaign In North Idaho

About XM Satellite Radio

Effects of AC Magnetic Fields from Household Electric Current on Four Species of Tropical Fish

Do Massive Bee Die-Offs Mean an End to Our Food System as We Know it?

Plans For High-Voltage Power Line Facing Opposition

2007 Gauss Network General Meeting with Guest Speakers

Applications of RFID Technology

FDA Asks for Black-Box Warning on Heart Failure Risk with Glitazones

Field Test: GPS phones for kids

Cell Phone: FBI can listen even when phone is turned off

Fields of screams for irate motorists

Projects of Law

Irish Green party now in power plus given environment portfolio

EHS TV News: Informations locales Drôme législatives 2007

Next-up News n°253

John Kanzius: Saltwater into fire

News from Mast Sanity

Omega-News Collection 16. June 2007

Common Bird Species in Dramatic Decline

New data show the populations of some of America's well-known birds in a tailspin, thanks to the one-two punch of habitat fragmentation and, increasingly, global warming.



Common Birds In Decline

Millions of Missing Birds, Vanishing in Plain Sight

Informant: Teresa Binstock


Mobile Phones and Vanishing Birds

Reproduction and breeding success of sparrows and white storks are reduced near mobile phone transmitters, and exposure to microwaves in the laboratory caused high mortality rates in chick embryos [12] (Mobile Phones and Vanishing Birds, SiS 34).



Audubon Warns of Decline in Some Bird Populations


Decline of birds startles experts

Source: //disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495;article=111668;show_parent=1


Mystery cancer cluster at ABC studio prompts nationwide testing



ABC to conduct more cancer tests


Proposed Playground Cell Tower Nixed By Effective Public Education Campaign In North Idaho


Informant: Mark G.


Weak Kilohertz Electric Fields Kill Tumor Cells: Current EMF Paradigm at Risk

It's become axiomatic that wide acceptance of non-thermal effects will come from developing biomedical therapies rather than from studying potential hazards. The health effects work is mostly sponsored by those who don't want to find any. And they usually don't (cf: the USAF, EPRI, CTIA, FGF, MMF etc.) So no one should be surprised that the latest advance comes from a small high-tech Israeli company, NovoCure, which is looking for innovative ways to treat cancer. It's a breakthrough --most likely a major breakthrough.

NovoCure uses weak 100-200 kHz electric fields --the company calls them tumor treating fields or TTFields-- to stunt the growth of cancer cells, either by slowing down their proliferation or by killing them off entirely. The company has now demonstrated this in four different cancer cell lines. Even more impressive is that tumor growth has been curtailed in mice, rats and, in a small pilot project, ten human patients with recurrent brain tumors (glioblastoma). .... [continues]

NovoCure video

A NovoCure video showing what happens to a cell when it attempts to divide in the presence of a kHz field

Read the rest of our latest post on the Microwave News Web site, //www.microwavenews.com/WeakkHz.html

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Electrifying Brain Cancer



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