New investigation into gadget allergy

Do you remember this article?
[Scientists serious about 'electricity sickness' claims]

Well now there is another one - see below.

So Essex University's research will be completed at the end of this year and Dr Stact Eltiti admits to there being symptoms of sensitivity. Is that all the information £750,000 buys with Government (our) and the telecoms industry money? Or might we expect more?

All we want to know is when they will officially recognise ES/EHS, when medical staff will be made aware, and when sufferers will have the same rights as other citizens.


Scientists serious about 'electricity sickness' claims

Reports by Nic Fleming, Health Correspondent Telegraph

(Filed: 24/01/2005)


Scientists and health advisers are taking the claims of people who say electricity makes them ill seriously for the first time.

The National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) is carrying out a review of existing scientific studies into "electromagnetic hypersensitivity" (EHS).

Brian Stein suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Two studies into the condition, funded with £750,000 from the Department of Health and the telecommunications industry, are already under way.

Omega see also "Scientists serious about 'electricity sickness' claims" under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/485504/

New investigation into gadget allergy

By David Sapsted

(Filed: 26/08/2006)


A university is trying to unravel the truth behind a 21st century "disease" produced by exposure to electrical equipment.

Ryan Warne says he suffers so badly from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) that he has to view a computer through binoculars. He cannot use a mobile phone and, when he goes outside, he wears a special "hairnet" to protect himself from phone mast electromagnetism.

Mr Warne, 35, has volunteered to take part in the largest-ever study to determine if the masts affect human health.

The University of Essex research, due to be completed at the end of the year, is examining the effects of electromagnetic fields on 264 people, half of whom are sensitive to mobile phone technology.

EHS sufferers - who include Gro Harlem, the former Norwegian prime minister and secretary-general of the World Health Organisation - experience headaches, nausea, dizziness and burning sensations when exposed to mobile phones, laptops and other equipment.

Mr Warne, from Elmstead Market, near Colchester, Essex, gave up his job in a furniture showroom two years ago when, he says, a new, wireless computer system made him ill.

"The problem is not being taken seriously enough," he said yesterday. "Before companies bring out all this new technology, they should find out what effect it has on people's health.

"I can't watch television for long and when I want to use the computer I have it on in one room and sit in the hallway looking at the screen through binoculars."

Dr Stacy Eltiti, a senior research officer at Essex University, said: "There are quite a range of symptoms associated with sensitivity. Unfortunately, a lot of them are common in everyday life. They include difficulty concentrating, memory problems, headaches, heat or warmth in the head and ringing in the ears.

"Some people have to leave work or move house and can't even go out shopping in the normal environment."

Dr David Dowson, an expert on electromagnetism sensitivity, said that exposure to electromagnetic emissions had affected radar operators and electrical supply workers.

"But the widespread use of new electrical devices in the home and workplace, at the same time that completely original technologies based on microwaves have been introduced, has spread this environmental trigger," he said.


The Essex team, although mainly psychologists, are well motivated and in our opinion really unbiased.

Jean and I were involved with the considerations in the design of their test lab and how everything should be done, right from the start once they had won the MTHR money. We had further input, later, regarding the test signals.

We do not agree with everything (of course) but the MTHR is a significant part of any problems.

However, despite any problems, we believe the Essex team are well worth supporting and should come out with relatively unbiased / unconfounded research results.

It is difficult being unbiased when the Government and Industry does not want any problems to be found.

Alasdair & Jean Philips


Well, you know that in laboratories people are unable to detect if an electromagnetic field is on/off and that complaints happen to be random.

Also, how do they decide if participants are 'electro sensitive' since there is no objective way to determine that. Why don't they just take a representative sample from the population?

The role of psychologists and psychiatrists is to rule out personality disorders and psychiatric diseases. Who is researching/investigating the medical/biological consequences of the radiofrequency radiation?

Is the exposure again short time and not permanent for a long period? Do they have a model of dose-response related to density? What are the working mechanism hypotheses?

If one accepts the symptoms of 'electro sensitivity' are real, it does not make much sense to make psychological investigations. Psychologically the consequences of the real symptoms (such as anxiousness and depression) are interesting, but I suppose that is not the goal of the research.

The Essex team are well motivated, but into what? Is their research going to make any difference to the WHO Factsheet 296 and the Irvine Report? Certainly not, because comparable research has been done already.

A laboratory environment will never be the same as real life.

On the other hand I must confess that I do not know the research design, maybe some of my remarks have been dealt with or are irrelevant?

I think it brings more to investigate the consequences of the Max Planck findings (fat globules in salt water, ions accumulate near the globules, absorption is locally high, temperature reaches peaks of 100 degrees Celsius). Or to find working mechanisms explaining the results of the scientific research behind the graphs of the EMF-Handbuch by the Ecolog Institute in Germany. Maybe the indications would grow into proof.

I do not expect much from a team of mainly psychologists to investigate 'electro sensitivity'.



Dear Alasdair,

I would be very happy if you were right to have hope.

I only have my instinctive responses to go on and what I have learnt through life, which was helped by a good basic education.

Essex University research bothers me because they are psychiatrists and psychologists, because no tests are carried out in situ and because no TETRA is involved.

You must know as well as I do that wherever TETRA is involved the symptoms and effects are worse. You must also know that clusters are not replicated in a laboratory.

In a way it is a little like force feeding people to take a quarter of a teaspoonful of salt per day, whereas in reality the hidden intake is far higher when people consume a lot of prepared foods which contain other harmful additives.

I know for sure that my home would be a lot easier to live in with one 3G blasting at it rather than the 3 TETRA lines of emission and a mix of 2G/3G. I speak to many others who feel that way, too i.e. if TETRA was removed their homes would be easier to live in.



If anyone does want to write a letter they could mention that the 2002 Freiburger Appeal document by German doctors - since signed by is it over 20,000 more EU doctors (?) also said:

"We have observed, in recent years, a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases among our patients, especially:

Learning, concentration, and behavioural disorders (e.g. attention deficit disorder, ADD)

Extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, ever harder to influence with medications

Heart rhythm disorders

Heart attacks and strokes among an increasingly younger population

Brain-degenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer‘s) and epilepsy

Cancerous afflictions: leukemia, brain tumors"

"Since the living environment and lifestyles of our patients are familiar to us, we can see - especially after carefully-directed inquiry - a clear temporal and spatial correlation between the appearance of disease and exposure to pulsed high-frequency microwave radiation (HFMR), such as:

Installation of a mobile telephone sending station in the near vicinity

Intensive mobile telephone use

Installation of a digital cordless (DECT) telephone at home or in the neighbourhood"

We can no longer believe this to be purely coincidence, for:

Too often do we observe a marked concentration of particular illnesses in correspondingly HFMR-polluted areas or apartments;

Too often does a long-term disease or affliction improve or disappear in a relatively short time after reduction or elimination of HFMR pollution in the patient‘s environment;

Too often are our observations confirmed by on-site measurements of HFMR of unusual intensity.

On the basis of our daily experiences, we hold the current mobile communications technology (introduced in 1992 and since then globally extensive) and cordless digital telephones (DECT standard) to be among the fundamental triggers for this fatal development. One can no longer evade these pulsed microwaves. They heighten the risk of already-present chemical/physical influences, stress the body‘s immune system, and can bring the body‘s still-functioning regulatory mechanisms to a halt. Pregnant women, children, adolescents, elderly and sick people are especially at risk. Our therapeutic efforts to restore health are becoming increasingly less effective: the unimpeded and continuous penetration of radiation into living and working areas in particularly bedrooms, an essential place for relaxation, regeneration and healing - causes uninterrupted stress and prevents the patient‘s thorough recovery"




You are quite right it is interesting.

I do not know if you have seen the Health statistics:


The Danish development of illnesses since the introduction of Mobile phones in 1994

Created: 5 August 2006

The thing that has most caught interest is the growth in Glandular illnesses.

With smoking and pollution decreased massively, hospitalization has gone equally dramatically up.

But you say there is no proof.

I will quote the Danish Dr. in Biology Sianette Kwee:

My words: Ignoring the science of harm does not mean it does not exist.

As Sianette Kwee, a Danish Scientist concludes on her website: http://www.mobilfakta.com/ (sorry only in Danish)


• Over 20 years of research has shown that there are important biological and health effects from mobile communications radiation: Read Radiation dangers.

• There exist at least 170 studies concerning radiation from mobile telecommunication.

• Of these, 94 studies show biological effects, that is. 55%.

That is a lot of evidence of harm.

Anyone who in an election got 55% of the votes would get to be government.

But, the evidence on this issue is ignored as no proof.

Best regards.



I believe that we are already seeing accidents caused by either TETRA alone, or by an accumulation of all of the masts around our major roads. One recent series of incidents on the Orbital route (near to the Cannock stretch of the new M6 toll road) saw numerous accidents which were a complete mystery to driver and road safety officials alike. After many attempts to solve the problem (even altering the camber of the road) - the accidents still kept coming thick and fast. The speed limit has now been reduced down from 50mph to 30mph - but I believe that the huge amount of masts in and around that area were causing interference with the electronics of the vehicles - some drivers claimed that their vehicles "skidded across the road" - could be the braking system??

There should be more investigations into this.




I too believe that we are seeing more accidents due to microwave confusion, but i also believe we are seeing more violence in our towns, this is in my opinion caused by tetra, my first two weeks of exposure was enough to convince me, bit like the women at greenham common. Alasdair I remember seeing the video footage of Greenham, I was'nt witnesing protesters, but sheer uncontrolled anger, which seemed to stop after the death of one of the protesters.

Phil Watts

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