Alaska 6.7 mag. Quake Hits; Followed by Yellowstone EQ.06/28/04

by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

Just over two hours after the large 6.7 quake hit Alaska, a 3.5 magnitude quake hit Yellowstone Super Volcano. The Montana quake hit 30 miles ESE of Butte, which puts it just about at the doorstep of Yellowstone. It would suggest there is a cause-effect scenario between Alaska/Bering Sea quakes and Yellowstone.

The EMSC is measuring the Alaska quake at magnitude 7.1. Also, several large aftershocks not reported by the USGS at Vancouver Island, BC 90 miles north of Seattle. Some measuring at 6.4 magnitude.

Check out the seismograph at Norris Junction, which is the area that has been closed due to surface temperatures reaching over 200 degrees fahrenheit. So hot, your tennis shoes would literally melt.

Norris Junction Sesimograph


Rare Earthquake Hits Illinois

A rude awakening early this morning as a brief earthquake centered in La Salle County struck the Heart of Illinois.

The magnitude 4.5 earthquake lasted only about three seconds. It was felt about ten after one this morning from Wisconsin south to Missouri and from Indiana west to Iowa.

The quake's epicenter was about eight miles northwest of Ottawa. There have been no reports of any significant damage caused by the seismic surge. No injuries were reported. People in various areas say their windows rattled and pictures fell off the wall.

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