The Story Of Faith & Robert Dyson & Family

Dear Klaus,

I wish to formally apologize to you - and the whole world if I could. Why? Well, it's not for anything I did personally. The apology is on behalf of my now deceased husband, Robert Dyson.

I'm afraid his "brilliant" business idea has been the cause of your own, and countless other's, suffering. Please allow me to explain and say how very sorry I am. I know he would be too if he only knew what has happened. He was not the sort of man to knowingly destroy the world's health.

You see, back in the early 1980's Bob worked for a cellular phone company in the Washington, D.C. area, (actually, it was a private business; not a corporation), and in so doing he realized that the retail price of cellular phones far exceeded that of their wholesale price.

He also discovered that there was a hefty "Kick Back" fee rewarded for activation. In short, he saw how the public was being "robbed" by the 1980's prices for cell phones, which then ran between $700.00 and $2,000.00 each plus the activation fee.

Hense, "The Light Bulb went on, (perhaps "off" would be a better description..), in his head". He theorized that if he could purchase the cell phones at wholesale prices in bulk from the manufacturer and get his profit just off of the activation fee, then he could pass the rest of the huge savings on to the consumers. This is precisely what he did. Besides cutting down cellular phone prices in the officce, he also had a friend with a car dealership in the area and they began to "give" them away as a promotional to prospective buyers, which worked out profitably for both businessess.

However, I'd like to assure you that no where in all of his theorizing, market research, and business planning did he ever hear anything about the electro-pollution, (ie: what *I* term as mere physical stress at it's ultimate atomic/cellular level), and the damage it could possibly do to the human body. Had he known about this fact, he would have never unleashed the "cellular", (on both levels), plague he did.

Why not? Because we had autistic twin sons, a learning disabled daughter and knew first hand the hardship of atomic/cellular, or what they were then calling merely "genetic", dysfunction. He would not have wished the same damages upon his worst enemy. He was a very gentle man.

He thought he was doing people a favor by creating a means to communicate more easily during emergencies and for business purposes and he hoped to support us in the process. That was all he meant to do.

Therefore, his prices were so low, and were attracting so many of the Washington D.C. area customers, (such as The Secret Service, Transportation Companies, and regular buyers like you and I), that his major competitor, a local "Curcuit City", part of a large chain of National electronics stores, was forced to lower their prices as well. After their's fell - so did those of the entire rest of the world. The rest is history: a very tragic history for the entire globe.

However, because of his story, the story of the son of an middle-class electrician that didn't even graduate from High School, yet who not only single-handedly changed the cellular phone industry, but was also invited to be in "Who's Who In Business & Finance" for his single-handed innovations in the Leasing Business, I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that one person, one person, one, lone person, can change the WHOLE world.

If my husband could "single-handedly" change the world into the electronic mess it's in today, then what is stopping me, his wife, from changing it BACK to the 100% normal way it is supposed to be? Nothing. Nothing was there to stop him and nothing is there to stop me. I intend to knowingly have a hand in helping to fix what he unknowingly helped cause...

As you could see from my article, "The Deliberate De-Neuralization Of America", I have been a student of Physical Stress ever since I was a child. I could literally FEEL the stresses, pressures, (such as harmful "vibes" from other people AND those that come from Fluorescent lighting, etc., etc., etc... ), and began educating my "elders" on these FACTS as soon as I had the language to verbalize this phenomonon. That went over in 1950's America, as we say here, "Like a lead balloon..." As a four-year old "Authority on, (what I have coined as ), STRESS Pollution", I wasn't very well received at all.

Another saying we have here, though, is: "The Times, they are a'changin'..." and lately I have come acoss some very interesting research studies from Anthropologists that are proving/have proven my "childish" points, especially in the realm of stress-inducing "developmental/educational" programs.

You must understand that ALL stress to our bodies, not just the STRESS caused by Electro-pollution, causes the SAME atomic/cellular destruction to our ONE-INTERCONNECTED Neurological, Endocrinological, Immunological, Genetic, Cellular, Atomic SYSTEM.

There is not one kind of stress caused by "Skinnerian/Pavlovian Developmental programs" and a different kind by "Electromagnetic Developmental Programs", (and, make no mistake, "Electro-Pollution" is a FORM of a "developmental program" that is causing over and under development on a cellular level inside of us) ! It's all the very same stress causing the very same "Rewiring Project" within regardless of the source of the stress. It's all the same bad biological development regardless of the source.

In short, stress is stress. Period. Hense, I have been "against stress" and it's damaging biological developments in ALL of it's forms, from ALL of it's sources - since childhood and now spend my time truely educating/developing people - without using it/stress/mal-formation as a means to "enlighten" them.

The ironical part of my whole story is that while my husband was selling his phones - which cause stress to the body, our family lived under the flight path, (in the radar beam?), of the jets that flew into Andrews Air Force Base: the very same source that causes the same electromagnetic stress upon the body as do the cell phones he was mass marketing to the public....

We also lived near the Naval Weapons Laboratory in Dahlgren, Virginia and the "Pax" River Base in Southern Maryland when our daughter was dx'ed with "Learning Disabilities" and I conceived and gave birth to our "Autistic" sons. Apparently we'd been experiencing "Elf" waves bouncing off the water at us for quite a few years... In short, we had been and still were getting at home the same electro-pollution he was selling to everyone in the world at the office...

As a result, our daughter is now showing signs of "Lupus" and my husband's whole family, (those male members of his family that lived in the same geographical area), including him, have died a horrible death due to liver failure not associated per se with alcoholism, though it may be accompanied by it. My sons are now there as well. All of the grandchildren have exhibited a host of other birth defects including another niece with autism. Her father is an electrician...

What is my situation? I live in the middle of the Radar from the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, their sister service in Tulsa, Oklahoma and right next door to the same on Tinker Air Force Base, which is about 1 mile away from me in Midwest City, Oklahoma, but I keep my own stress levels down and my health levels up as I did with my children under the flight path of Andrews AFB. Let me explain what this does for you/us.

I was able to recover my children from their neural degeneration under that flight path through STRESS REDUCTION created by "Holistic Thought Processing And Living": the kind of stress reduction we can control, even if we can't stop the electromagnetic kind that is coming from the military and corporate-business source.

As a result of our rejection of "Reductionary/ROTE Thought Processing/Living", which was used on our parents, my husband, myself and our daughter in school and is the opposite of "Holistic Thought Processing/Living", our son's Autism began to disappear, (Neural Regeneration occured!!!), and our daughter's I.Q. went from "just above normal" to "off the scales"!! We stopped scheduling - and, hense, literally reducing ourselves according to the Western World View and began to breathe freely again....

Apparently returning to a slower lifestyle and unschooling, (removing my daughter from Rote Teaching/Thinking programs ), created the equivalent of the re-regulation of our Metabolism, the producer of correct cellular mitosis, back to normal. Once it is back to normal, as Robert O. Becker tells us in his book, "The Body Electric", then the original undamaged DNA can correctly reproduce itself in "daughter cells" through-out the entire body and fix every cell that was mal-functioning before. This is "THE" cure we all need from the most basic micro-level all the way up to the macro-level.

All of this happened during my children's exposure to large amounts of electro-pollution from The Air Force Base!!!!! We also lived there, "co-incidently", for a short period, without any electricity - like "The Amish" near-by, whom I have since read have none of the Neurological problems we have.... Hense we had a balance of stress/no stress happening all at the same time from different sources of everything from "Holistic Thought Processing/Living" to "Electromagnetic Pollution/Damage" and the result was enough to make us immune to the latter!

Again, this "Balancing Act" happened right in the middle of an Electromagnetic dosage that was so high we all, including the animals we owned there, began to experience dramatic hair loss and I too experienced "AIDS-Like" symptoms. My own Immune System "Disorder" disappeared as well with "Holistic Thought Process/Lifestyle", however, the hair breakage only stopped after we moved.

My point is that I think I'm on to something regarding the, (All-Encompassing!!! ), Stress damages caused by "Reductionary/ROTE Thought Processing/Living" and the Health created by "Holistic Thought Processing/Living": the acceptance and utilization of The Holistic Paradigm that puts us back on the normal rhythm of the earth.

This PERCEPTION also re-balances our "Natural Rhythm" with the earth... and is paramount to the change that must occur in our thinking before anyone, especially governments and businesses, will remove Electro-pollution from our planet. It's a more "Connected" perception giving one a more "Connected" life to the seasons/nature. It's "positively" indigenous in nature...

You see, "Reductionary/ROTE Thought Processing/Living" is not just rewiring our brains; it's rewiring our whole bodies... and "Holistic Thought Processing/Living" allows them to develop/GROW the way they are NORMALLY supposed to: 100% naturally. Through "H.T.P.", children absorb information from every direction rather than by compartmentalizing data and then realizing they have no "compartmentalized reality" to which to connect and apply it. Nature itself *IS* Holistic.

In short, "Holistic Thought/Sensory Processing" also relieves the stress that halts mal-growth/deterioration on the level of our DNA and, there-by RE-creates the internal environment necessary for perfect atomic/cellular growth: rhythmic connection with all things/all of nature/all of humanity. It simply re-connects everything correctly so it can reproduce and function correctly...

In "electrical terminology", "Rote/Linear/Sequential/Reductionary Processing Of Thought/Sensory Data", is LITERALLY turning us into "One-Way Receivers" with disabled "Transmitter" capacities...which is why my sons had no language and my daughter became "learning disabled" AFTER she was forced to learn to read through these "Rote, Teach To Test" methods.

In all three cases their "Receiving" AND "Transmitting" Capabilities" were damaged. Other research studies are proving that this same Rote, "Data" Processing/Performance Method is causing Alzheimer's Disease, which also turns off it's victim's "Receiving and Transmitting Capabilities".

Though I made "miraculous" strides with my son's "Receiving and Transmitting Capabilities", (they eventually learned to talk and do almost all of the normal things a teenager does, though their "stored mental data" wasn't what the American Government considers "up to standard"), I wasn't able to continue my work with them.

Why? Because what I was doing with my three children WORKED, I was coming at the problem from this STRESS INDUCED angle, and apparently I was getting too close to the whole picture I finally exposed a year or two ago in that article -minus information regarding Electro-pollution as ANOTHER cause of the SAME PHYSICAL STRESS/TRAUMA that mal forms/rewires/disorients the entire human body!!

The government has abducted my now adult, (legally competent!), sons and induced such stress in them that they have regressed/DE-generated, so that no one will find out that: 1) all of this stress from all of these sources is causing Autism as well as every other "Atomic/Cellular" Damage known to mankind and 2) there is a very simple way to re-wire/RE-generate/re-orient us all back to normal....

Mine are not the only children abducted for this purpose. Hundreds of thousands more are being abducted in the US and in Britain. I have no idea what Germany's statistics are on this issue...

The press won't investigate and report these abductions. My sons are even the cousins of a sitting State Senator and what is being done is his district amounts to Federal Fraud and Human Trafficking, the same crimes that are being committed in regards to all of the other state abductions. These abductions have now become Big Business for the state administrations.

I have:

*1) "Whistle-Blowers", (ex-state workers who have personally witnessed these crimes of abduction),

*2) letters from the White House, (Dick Cheney promised to be a part of the investigation, then sent me back to the same agencies covering up for the criminals), and

*3) proof that my sons are not there of their own free will and that they have attempted to escape numerous times.

However, there seems to be no way to fight the Government except by exposing the damages of stress from all of it's sources, not just the electromagnetic one, and the simple way to allieviate the "atomic" damages from all of the sources by simply re-aligning our bio-rhythm with that of the earth: the frequency of 0.025 volts per centimeter pulsating at 10 hertz, which also just so happens to be the tempo of Mozart's music. (See also the book entitled: "The Mozart Effect" by Don Campbell.)

Hense, I continue to try to educate the public about Stress and ALL of the Metabolic damages it does from every angle in the hopes that it will "wizen up" and see what is really happening all around us - especially to our children in the damage it's internally causing them and that which is also caused by their abductions. For these crimes also create the same stress, the same cellular damages to their brains-bodies as does Electro-pollution....

What I am suggesting with simple re-alignment through "Holistic Thought Processing/Living" is considered "Dangerous" to "The American Dream", because it means the population would have to give up "THE" Western Method of thinking in only bits and pieces at a time for what is considered "THE" Eastern way of thinking of the whole, bigger picture all of the time. The West is not going to admit that it's way of thinking actually is causing the end of the American Dream in almost every household - in the whole world....

In short, I am proposing that the thought process/lifestyle which NOW supports all of "Western Civilization" is dangerous to our Health and the "Eastern" thought process/lifestyle, which is much more in harmony with natural biological rhythm, prevents/repairs that damage both inside of our bodies and outside of us in our Civilizations. Therefore, even as an adult, my information regarding the causes, effects and cure of stress - from ALL sources - is not well received. How can it be when everyone's "Receivers" are "turned to the off position" through Western "Reductionary/ROTE Thought Processing/Living"?

Again, I am very sorry for all the suffering my husband has caused the world, but just know that I am single-handedly attempting to fix the very problem that Neurologically took my sons and daughter away from me, which caused my government to physically abduct my sons to cover over the facts now telling us that:

*1) we are being rewired and there is another way, other than just moving away from electromagnetic sources, to partially or fully fix the problem, and

*2) that regeneration is as simple as
A) "Holistic Thought Processing/Living" and
B) natural re-orientation from all of the SOURCES of BIOLOGICAL STRESS through natural living...

"Holistic Thought Processing" LITERALLY "UN-wires", through-out the whole body, the damages that all of the other stresses "Wire"....In effect, what "HTP" does is like removing wires from a Bonsai Tree and allowing it to grow/regenerate freely to it's fullest "potential". "HTP", I believe has the power to access our DNA Code, the original Code that still lies undamaged at our core, and ALLOW it to then NATURALLY repair the damages caused by all stressful sources.

The Indigenous People knew this as a fact. This is why the same sources of our Electro-Pollution are also in favor of "developing"/rewiring their brains/bodies and countries as well. Then no one will know that we have access to our own regenerative properties/resources through:

1) music and, what Jeremy Narby calls in his book "The Cosmic Serpent":

2) defocalization...

The whole human race will be forced to then look outside of themselves for "Health, Development and Welfare" - when it was right inside of us all along. It sure won't be inside of us after our "Receivers And Transmitors" are shut down. We won't be able to access anything from within, or even possibly from outside of ourselves, after that. Just look at Alzheimer's sufferers to understand what I mean....

Electro-pollution isn't even "The Half" of This Story..."Whole Body Rewiring Through Adverse Forms Of Thought/Sensory Processing and The Holistic Way to End ALL Stress Caused Damage" is the other 3/4ths of this expose'... I just wanted you to know this and I hope it will undo some of the damages - for you - that my husband unwittingly caused.

For what it's worth, he suffered greatly too. Perhaps even more than you and I, because he had no idea what caused his suffering... He couldn't "Receive" the idea of a stress free life from me either... His abusive father made sure of that long, long before I ever met him... His father met a horrible end as well.... I wish the opposite for you, yours, and mine. I will not rest until everyone is totally free from Stress, especially my own sons, daughter and grandaughters...

Sincerely And Stresslessly Yours,
Faith Dyson


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