Follow the money trail. It would be a federal crime to cover up expenditure of millions or billions of dollars without oversight by thw Congress. If massive amounts of our tax dollars &/or government money is being spent without approval - somewhere in the equation, Congress & others involved are breaking federal law. Under federal law, they are putting themselves at risk of prison. Pressure & responsibility mounts as citizens focus of expenditure of money under their responsibility. Follow the money trail.

Now, here is Will Thomas' press release:
Now we're getting somewhere! A senior FAA source has just confirmed that massive chemtrail activity over the US East Coast on March 12 was the result of a military operation (see below).

Take this new release to your local media - newspaper, radio, & television & insist they cover this breaking story.


Reporters can email me directly for more details.

It's time to put this story before the American public!

More to follow.

My best to all,
Will Thomas
News Release Lifeboat News Service

FAA Confirms Ongoing Military Operation Over U.S. East Coast

PORTLAND, ME -- A FAA official in charge of air traffic control over the northeastern U. S. has confirmed an ongoing military operation in America's skies. In an exclusive taped interview with freelance radio reporter S. T. Brendt, the Air Traffic Control (ATC) manager
said he was told on as many as four occasions in March, 2001 to re-route commercial air traffic around military aircraft taking part in an undisclosed aerial operation over the northeastern seaboard.

On her way to the interview location, Brendt observed six big jets laying brilliant white lines above a broken cloud layer. Instead of dissipating like normal condensation trails, these lingering plumes grew wider & wider, intersecting & merging. Speaking on condition of strict anonymity as intense chemtrail activity continued overhead, this Deep Sky federal aviation source expressed concern over the classified nature of military operations repeatedly conducted at altitudes between 37,000 & 40,000 feet. While air traffic controllers normally ignore air traffic above 10,000 feet, the ATC manager said he was ordered to divert incoming European air traffic away from the military planes. When asked why, he said, I was told there was a military exercise in the area. Of course, they
wouldn't give me any of the particulars.

The initial FAA disclosure came on March 12, as mass aerial maneuvers saturated northeastern U.S. skies with Xs, circular patterns & parallel lines characteristic of chemtrail activity reported by pilots, police officers & former military personnel across the United States.

Brendt contacted the FAA official after counting more than 30 big jets spreading persistent plumes within 45 minutes. Lou Aubuchont confirmed Brendt's count, noting that during his stint in U.S. Navy intelligence he had never seen a military exercise of such magnitude.

After Brendt called in her sightings, assistant WMWV news director Richard Dean counted 370 chemical trails criss-crossing his nearby location for six-&-a-half hours. But local Air Traffic Controllers reported only nine commercial jets on their radars at the time. Thousands of eyewitnesses have reported similar spray activity obscuring North American skies over the past two years.

In December 2000 Canadian aviation authority Terry Stewart investigated a Victoria caller's complaint of intensive chemtrail activity over the British Columbia capitol. In a taped message, the environmental manager for the Victoria International Airport checked with the control tower & reported, it's a military exercise, U.S. & Canadian air force exercise that's going on. They wouldn't give me any specifics on it...

Read further at: http://tinyurl.com/2own6


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