World Bank ignores own analysis

Don't make the effort to tell the World Bank what it got wrong. They know it since ages - and just love to read your valuable comments, while relaxing in the Bahamas. So don't waist your time and money by giving them your good advice, as they request (during a laughable 30 day period at:


they just would be happy that they had forestalled all your arguments already and in any case just like to know - free of charge of course - how far they could go in their continued robbing frenzy!

But make the following efforts:
a) Indigenous peoples: Initiate a vote of No Confidence in parliament, wherever a national government continues to dish out your country and/or assets and money to the WB or its so called affiliates!

b) Local communities: Don't allow any World Bank official or agent into your area.

c) Consumers: Boycott any World Bank financed project (even if it comes as "money for the poor!" (like the micro-credit scams) or "money for the environment!" (like the GEF-scams). Don't forget all this money comes at a price ! - and that price you and your children will have to pay ! Watch out – already many NGOs are in the pocket of the WB!

d) Workers (manual or academic): Don't seek employment with the WB or in WB financed projects - you might get some of the looted money, but your children and fellow humans have to pay for it by being robbed or enslaved.

World Bank ignores own analysis

Indigenous peoples and local communities not even recognized as equal partners ! Neo-colonial business as usual ! World Bank in new robbing frenzy !

Last Friday the long expected answer by the World Bank management to the Extractive Industries Review (EIR) for the sectors of oil, gas, mining and chemicals production was made publicly available. See:


The EIR, a report commissioned by the World Bank itself, has examined the role of the World Bank in the raw material sector and found serious flaws in World Bank's policy as well as with the management of its programs and projects.

But, as can be seen in the report itself


the World Bank wants to continue as before. This is nothing new, since the World Bank also flawed other attempts to improve it in terms of its social and environmental responsibility in other sectors, like forestry or agriculture, where the WB, instead of improving the situation for the peasants and consumers at present is investing strongly in Genetic Engineering (GE), which is masterminded by the transnational corporations.

Non-Governmental Organizations the world over are disappointed and angry about the answers given by the World Bank to this report. Though the EIR has clearly determined that the raw material sector is not able to reduce poverty as long as certain minimum requirements are not fulfilled, the World Bank just wants to continue like before and ignores the results of its own analysis. While a short while ago the World Bank admitted that 20 years of their "work" had not helped Africa, today they present themselves with slimy words again as good-doers since 60 years, which were 60 years of robbing nations and peoples and people of their assets !

The biggest shame: The WB is not even willing to take up core issues of the EIR recommendations, like the rights of local communities and indigenous peoples to refuse or to agree to WB projects. "Consultation" is the only level they want to commit themselves to in the interaction with local people. This means as before: They allow you to speak, but you have no right to decide - and this in your own house and concerning the assets of your own territories !

The diplomatic language and insulting rhetoric used in the response by the World Bank intends to blur the clear view of the observer, but it can not hide that the envisaged hardly differs from the current policy and thereby does not meet in any way the EIR recommendations. Thereby the World Bank finally terminates its socially justified work-permit and underdeveloped as well as the developing countries should follow swift by terminating their stay. The World Bank must not any longer be allowed to operate outside the G8 countries - let them play with each other.

The World Bank also rejects another EIR recommendation, whereby the WB would have to withdraw until 2008 from the oil sector, since it has been proven that the poor of a country never benefited from such activities. Already at the much-celebrated renewable energies conference in Bonn / Germany this year, the World Bank had been criticized for their halfhearted announcements concerning the promotion of renewable energies. With "business as usual" and how it is presented now again by the WB nothing will change. The poor, which allegedly are placed at the "heart" of the World Bank, are still only there to serve the bankers and other robber clans of the taker societies and because the megalomaniac G8+1 need them to survive only under the condition to surrender their assets and to work for them.

Maybe you just can tell the World Bank to bugger off:




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