China is the homeland and biodiversity epicentre of the soya bean, but thanks to genetically engineered (GE) soya all of this is now under threat. We are asking Bunge Incorporated, one of the world's largest traders and processors of soya and the largest supplier of soya in the world to stop supplying GE soya to the Chinese market. To help drive that message home, Greenpeace China is asking our cyberactivists everywhere to write to Bunge:

Dear ,

This is XXX. Recently I have participated in a cyber action to help protect the biodiversity of soya in China, and I would like to invite you to join this meaningful action as well.

China is the homeland and center of diversity for soya. Soya originated in China and has a cultivation history spanning over 5,000 years. China has more soya varieties than anywhere else in the world. The genetic diversity of soya is a global heritage and vital to sustainable development of agriculture.

However, the homeland of soya is facing the risk of contamination by genetically engineered (GE) soya. GE soya is banned for growing in China, but import of GE soya is rising. Last year China imported a record-high 20 million tons of soya and it is estimated that 70% was GE soya. Every grain of GE soya is a seed, and if it was planted in the farm, it will multiply and spread. Mexico, the homeland of maize, has already found contamination of maize by imported GE maize from the U.S. If we do not take actions now, the homeland of soya will soon face irreversible contamination.

Greenpeace is campaigning globally against GE soya and determined to protect China, the homeland of soya, from contamination by GE soya.

Take action, be part of the global effort to build the Cyber Great Wall and keep GE soya away from the world, especially from China, the homeland of soya!

To protect the homeland of soya, we demand companies to stop importing GE soya into China because every grain of GE soya imported into China is a potential source of contamination.

Write to Bunge Ltd., the leading supplier of soya products to China, to commit to a global commitment to supply only non-GE soya, but particular to supply only non-GE soya to China because of the major risk GE soya poses to the homeland of soya. As one of the world’s leading traders and processors of soya, Bunge has a responsibility to protect the homeland of soya, a global heritage for all.

Click here to write to Bunge:



Participants will be allocated a section of "Cyber Great Wall" where they can add a comment about their opposition to genetically manipulated food. As the participation grows, so will the Cyber Great Wall - a solid symbol of our determination to keep the new GE "barbarians" out of China and ultimately, out of global food supplies. You can view the Cyber Great Wall here:



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