The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act

Coming to your city soon: The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act of 2003, (hate crime act).


We rarely ask you to call a Congressman, but we need to do it now! Please call (don't write or e-mail) and ask your local congressman to campaign openly and to vote against the (national) “Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act of 2003.”

This bill says it would require provisions for Federal assistance to States and local jurisdictions to prosecute hate crimes.

It has already passed the Senate as S-966, and is going to the House of Representatives. This is the kind of legislation that church leaders should be willing to stand up against, but most will not. They will tell you they “believe in the separation of church and state so they will only pray for good government.” Please marshal what clout you have with a Congressman to stop this hate crimes bill from becoming law.

The NEW Cyber WORLD ORDER is approaching.

We hope to do another feature story about ICANN, the international organization that stepped on our toes by chance, but is planning to be the Caesar of the Internet and control where everyone steps. You can read a little about ICANN in a story on our Website site written ahead of its time in 1997: "The NEW Cyber WORLD ORDER is approaching."http://www.whtt.org/articles/990713mp.htm

Project Strait Gate successfully reaching an additional estimated 100,000 people in churches and universities since the first of June, thanks to the help of our friends. Now we are entering into a bigger contract to add at least 300,000 new persons in July.

Project Strait Gate thank those who have referred their friends to us, shared lists, and collected addresses of colleges and churches and helped read the mail that pours in by the thousands every time we send mail. We want more e-mail contacts on the campus and inside the churches everywhere.

We have learned how to operate 100% within the law on the Internet. Our biggest cost is to protect ourselves from those who attempt to stop us by going outside the law. Soon ICANN will have its own rules that will be slanted on the side of those who would silence us. Now is the hour for the Internet; it is now or never! You know what to do, if you do not know, ask!

Charles E. Carlson


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