Navy Comes Clean After ECTV Disclosure

It appears yesterday’s ECTV article on ‘false reading’ earthquakes and vast electronic interference, has prompted a response from DoD’s media department. A rather unusual announcement was released this morning, disclosing to the public for the first time, a previous top secret testing operation in the Atlantic. It is known as operation “Northern Edge”. This exercise appears to be utilizing HAARP: http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/

Cmdr. Joe Murphy, U.S. Alaskan Command reports “a new combat system is being tested. The new testing devise is used for what is commonly known as “jamming,” the Improved Capabilities System III (ICAP III) http://www.dcmilitary.com/navy/tester/9_15/features/28548-1.html overloads specific hostile communication bandwidths, causing users to temporarily lose service.

“Training and testing of ICAP III is a stepping-stone for the Navy,” said Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic Ron Szpynda, Air Test Evaluation (VX) 9. “This is the first time we have used this system.”

VX-9's EA-6B Prowlers are being used to test the system. The aircraft provides protection for strike aircraft, ground troops and ships, by jamming enemy radar, electronic data links and communications.

“The system floods an opposing bandwidth with more frequency than those operating systems release,” said Cmdr. Jim Winship, VX-9 branch head. “This causes users to temporarily lose service. Everything from telephones to sophisticated electronic equipment goes static, because the jammer can overwhelm the frequencies they use.”

Jun 16, 2004, 23:48

Informant: littlebrit1961


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