The Death Of Americanism

And Therefore Our Constitution, And Our Nation, Known As America

by Ed44

All Rights, Privileges, and Immunities Of Copyright Reserved

The 'process' began with the Nixon Whitehouse and the Asst. Attorneys, in the Attorney Generals Office, under that Administration. One of these, by the name of Rehnquist, was 'rewarded' for his participation, with a job in our United States Supreme Courthouse. It was then that the Department of Justice was ordered, and eagerly complied, with a request very similar to that which John Ashcroft acted in Contempt of Congress to conceal. The objective was to place Nixon, and all others in the Executive Branch of Government, 'Above the Law', with an argument of 'Official Immunity'.

For the past 35 years 'America' has been systematically, quietly, 'redefined'. They did not succeed but some of the same people involved in this were then given positions where they could implement this as 'Law' through dicta from our judicial Branch. The 'redefinition' abolished our most important Constitutional protection. The 'Prohibition of Titles of Nobility', established in Article I, sections 9 & 10. The 'immunity' doctrine grants 'Nobility status to ALL who are employed, and collectively make up, our government(s).

The most recent excuse for this 'redefinition' came on September 11, 2001. People have short memories but I remember, with horror, the frequent reference to 'America Redefined'. One network even adopted this as the Title of their News Program for the year following. The result is an Administration, and government, that acts with impunity. 'They' are not 'under Law'. They, in their minds, ARE 'the law'.

Few Americans today know the definition of America. It is found in our Constitution but ONLY if one realizes our Constitution was established to 'Secure the Blessings of Liberty' that blood was shed to secure. The definition of 'Liberty', and therefore what became the United States of America, is what I call 'Americanism' or, in other words, the definition of America as a Nation of People. It is the common characteristic that defines us as a Nation. It is what established our Government as a Government under the Rule of Law and clearly makes a distinction between our Government and our Nation. They are NOT one-in-the-same. Becoming aware of this distinction there is, then, no doubt that the Government under our current administration is a ROGUE government.

The definition of Americanism, and America as a Nation of People known as the United States, or by the nick names of 'Americans' in the Land known as America, is found in our Declaration of Law more commonly known as the Unanimous Declaration of Independence of the United States of America;

We hold these Truths to be self-evident (meaning they must be taken as Fact in this Land)

1 - All men (Human Beings) are created equal. (this includes ALL of humanity, along with those who live, or may be found, in Iraq or Afghanistan)

2 - Endowed (entitled) by their Creator, to certain inalienable (inherent) Rights, (Human Rights as well as the Civil found in Constitutions and International Law)

3 - That among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness ('among these' means 'not limited to'. Purpose of Government and Law is to find, and make more 'certain' other Rights of the Individual Human Being)

4 - TO SECURE THESE RIGHTS, governments are instituted among men by consent of the governed.

NOTE: Number 4 is what separates 'We the People' from our Government and makes our Government Accountable to our Constitution by which LIMITED powers are delegated. A Government that is NOT 'the Law' but 'subject to' the Law.

It is now called the 'Age of Terrorism', as a replacement for the 'America Redefined' phrase, is just the final nail in the coffin of a death that began with the quiet, subtle, reversal of the glorious Civil Rights movement of the 1960's with a Judiciary intent on overthrowing our government 'of the people, by the people, and for the people', with the aid of Attorneys who play word games to exempt a few from any accountability to any law of God or of Man.

'We the People' are now the 'enemy combatant', by their definition. 'We the People' are the 'threat of terrorism' that justifies any and all 'pre-emptive' strike, with a license to invade our privacy, our homes, and even torture us. No 'nationality', including those of us who are of American nationality, is protected. This is why it is so extremely distressing to me to hear some of my fellow Americans dismiss, or attempt to justify, the torture of Iraqis or any other Individual Human Being of any Nationality or caught outside the borders of their homeland. 'We the People' in and of America, are just as much at risk, and maybe more at risk, of being subjected to the same treatment inflicted on those held in Guantanamo or Abu Ghrab, as our Government has turned against ALL of us who are not part of It.

Those that give up essential Liberties for the mere appearance of safety, will lose both Liberty and Safety. It is a MYTH that Liberty and Security are Mutually Exclusive. In fact; you cannot have one without the other.

I speak from real world experience as one who has attempted to hold criminals and terrorists, hiding in our government in positions of public trust, accountable to the law. Our 'protectors', the Attorney General and his Office for the State of Texas, and the Department of Justice, will stop at nothing to protect them with free legal services at the expense of our Nation's Treasury. Even after attaining several judgments on the Law and on the Facts, by some judicial Officials, acknowledging the acts were criminal and terroristic, (committed while Bush was Governor here) they continue to Obstruct Justice for those they consider 'Nobles' by title of employment by election, selection, or appointment to a position in government.

By Ed44, with all rights, privileges, and immunities of copyright reserved.
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