Hi! Just thought I'd intro myself. I'm Tami -- have relative with 3 autistic boys. And I've been researching and reading about Autism. I found this information and websites interesting!


DID YOU KNOW, three years after the state of California banned Mercury from ALL Children's Vaccines, CALIFORNIA HAS ALREADY SEEN A DECLINE IN THEIR RATE OF AUTISM?

DID YOU KNOW AUTISM AND MERCURY POISONING HAVE IDENTICAL SYMPTOMS and that some alternative health doctors have success curing Autism using Chelation and Nutritional Therapies?

DID YOU KNOW the entire world's having an AUTISM EPIDEMIC with Autism in America's school-age children rising from 1 in 10,000 10 years ago to 1 in 150 today. Many of our infant and children's vaccines contain high levels of mercury - with child vaccinations sometimes exceeding EPA Mercury standards by over 200% in one day?

DID YOU KNOW ONE or ALL of the following DANGEROUS INGREDIENTS usually can be found in your child's vaccines?

- aluminum phosphate (an aluminum salt which is corrosive to tissues)
- mercury (a neurotoxin)
- thimerasol (contains approximately 50% mercury)
- formaldehyde (a carcinogen)
- phenoxyethanol (anti-freeze)
- many other dangerous ingredients

DID YOU KNOW the medical field usually DOES NOT DISCLOSE to parents that with MANY VACCINES MERCURY & OTHER POISONS ARE BEING INJECTED DIRECTLY INTO THE BLOODSTREAM of their infants and young children or that slightly more expensive mercury-free vaccines have been available for years.

DID YOU KNOW INFANTS HAVE NO LIVER BILE production for mercury elimination or BLOOD/BRAIN BARRIER for brain protection until 6 months while DAY 1the mercury-filled Hepatitis B vaccine is routinely given to ALL infants, far exceeding EPA-approved levels -- sometimes over 200% in 1 day?

DID YOU KNOW there has been NO SAFETY STUDY CONDUCTED ON ANY VACCINE to test its carcinogenic potential while vaccines contain known carcinogens & cancer rates are rising in children at alarming rates?

DID YOU KNOW OTHER CHILDHOOD ILLNESSES such as Asthma, ADHD, Allergies, Cancer, Crohn's disease, Diabetes, and etc. ARE TRIPLING & QUADRUPLING in vaccinated children while levels are often remaining low or unchanged in unvaccinated children?

DID YOU KNOW VALID RESEARCH by respected physicians and scientists documents that routine vaccinations may contribute to these rising illnesses by putting chemicals/toxins directly into your child's bloodstream while suppressing his/her immune system?


There are CURES!!! It is a huge amount of work, however your children are worth it!! CHELATION and NUTRITIONAL protocols are getting results!!!

Visit THIS website for AUTISM IS TREATABLE information: http://www.autism.com/ari/ (ARI = Autism Research Institute, founded by Bernard Rimland, PhD)

Some other INFORMATIVE websites:
http://www.safeminds.org/ (autism-mercury studies & politics compiled by medical professionals)
http://www.testfoundation.org (autism-mercury studies & politics compiled by Dr. Boyd Haley, mercury researcher)
http://www.NoMercury.org (autism-mercury medical studies & politics)
http://www.nationalautismassociation.org (grassroots political action to advocate, educate & empower -- DEVELOPING LOCAL CHAPTERS-- GREAT ORGANIZATION -- wonderful support/website!)
http://www.MomsAgainstMercury.org (Amy & Angela, the billboard people)
http://www.educatebeforeyouvaccinate.com (Jeff, "Autism Is Treatable" Conference & Info site)
http://www.factsformedia.com (news articles, studies & politics of autism-mercury)
http://www.home.earthlink.net/~berniew1/ (mercury toxicity papers compiled by Bernie Windham, chemical engineer)
http://www.unlockingautism.org (advocacy to families of children newly diagnosed)
http://autismautoimmunityproject.org/ (TAAP = The Autism Autoimmunity Project)
http://www.feat.org/ (Families for Early Autism Treatment)
http://www.firstsigns.org/ (First Signs early diagnosis project)
http://www.Childscreen.org (early diagnosis & treatment)
http://www.909shot.com (Vaccine ingredients & safety advocacy)
http://www.jzslaw.com/pages/1/index.htm (Jeff Sell, Attorney At Law --has child with autism)

This non-profit group is NOT FUNDED in any way by the Pharmaceutical Companies (unlike CAN and ASA who receive funds from Pharmecueticals who have vested interest in not being sued and not discovering the mercury/autism connection). NAA believes Autism IS Treatable! Their website has links to a great wealth of information, including the latest research, on vaccines. (I'm not a member of NAA -- just strong believer!)

Many parents are members of the group:
This is a wonderful support system for people seeking to bring their children back to normal, with over 3000 members, most are parents of Autistic children who are working with incredible efforts and seeing results in bringing their children back to normal and a world of feeling, reading facial expressions, life.

Light and Love, Tami
(concerned American with relative w/ 3 autistic boys)

Informant: Steve Ferran


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