Patriot Act misinformation

The White House is waging a misinformation war about the Patriot Act while support grows among conservatives, libertarians and liberals to fix about a dozen controversial provisions in the law.

The ACLU is calling upon members of Congress and all Americans to stand united against the extension of the USA Patriot, as the President and others in his Administration travel the country urging Americans to support the Act’s renewal.

The President’s renewal request, which came in new campaign advertising that began airing in 19 states last week, is misleading and ignores strong bi-partisan support for fixes to the law. The new Bush ads echo misstatements made in Mr. Bush’s earlier stump speeches on the Patriot Act in Buffalo and Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Vice President Cheney has gotten in on the act. In comments made to an audience in Kansas City, Missouri, this week, the Vice President claimed that no abuses under the Patriot Act have been reported or confirmed.

"Legitimate questions about the Patriot Act should not be exploited for partisan politics," said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero. "Unfortunately the president is using his re-election campaign to mislead the American people about the Patriot Act and its ramifications."

Read the ACLU’s recent press release on the President’s Patriot Act campaign ads:

Read U.S. Army Brig. Gen. (ret.) Evelyn "Pat" Foote’s comments in opposition to the USA Patriot Act:

Read ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero’s statement refuting Vice President Cheney’s remarks alleging no abuses under the Patriot Act:


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