Omega-News Collection 22. March 04

The Spanish Election Was a Repudiation of America's "War on Terror"


Lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction Comes Back to Haunt Bush; Scott Ritter Vindicated

Spain: An Example For Us All

Untruth and Consequences

The Peace Movement's Momentum

Spain, EU and US: War on Terror or War on Liberties?


Secretary Rumsfeld Caught Lying on Camera

Untruth and Consequences

Iraq on the Record - A Detailed List of Bush Administration Lies About Iraq


Spain's PM ups pressure on Blair: 'You can't organise a war with lies

A brutal lesson for Blair

The Return of Spanish Democracy

The emergence of hyperterrorism

US foes set to pounce

US government faked Bush news reports

Iraq war based on lies, says soldier

U.S. should stop thinking it's right, and just do what's right

Both Houses of Parliament - One Question

Australia: Howard at end of credibility line on Iraq

We're all losers in Bush's 'War on Terror'

So this is the safer world that Bush and Blair promised us?

Majority Say U.S. Goal Is Domination Not War Against Terrorism

The Burden of Empire

“Military interventions are the tip of the imperialist iceberg”

A Year After Iraq War

Return of the Moor

Justice Not Murder

Bush camp exposed as 'serial liars'

Iraq on the Record: Database Containing The Bush Administration's Public Statements on Iraq

The Iraq WMD Intelligence Deception

Military Families Urge Censure for Bush

Events in Spain have intensified the ideological war in America

From Information Clearing House


Protesters urge return of troops

US motives widely questioned

The meaning of Madrid

Spain's vote against mendacity

Liars lose: Regime change in Spain

The anti-clerical father of the Bill of Rights

The power elite exposed

Spain's PM won't reconsider pledge to withdraw troops

Halliburton docked $300 million

Homage to Castilla

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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