Spying is okay if it's not Orwellian

For a horrible moment or two there I thought that the long-anticipated dawn of an American style version of 1984 was finally upon us. I came by this misbegotten notion after reading articles about how the Pentagon, in recognizing the need to treat all of us as terrorists in order to protect us from terrorists, plans to build the Mother of All Computer Databases that will monitor every purchase made by every citizen in the nation. Our masters in Washington call it Total Information Awareness."


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Source: //www.buergerwelle.de/body_emf-omega-news_30-03-04.html

Bis zu zwei Drittel US-Saatgut genverseucht

Hamburg, 24.03.2004:

Die US-amerikanische Union of Concerned Scientists warnt vor der massenhaften ungewollten Kontaminierung von Saatgut durch Gen-Pflanzen. Bis zu zwei Drittel der amerikanischen Mais-, Soja- und Rapssamen seien bereits verseucht. Die Folgen seien unkalkulierbar.

Bisherige Schätzungen gingen davon aus, dass höchstens ein Prozent des konventionellen Saatguts in den USA durch genmanipulierte Samen kontaminiert sei. Die neue Studie "Gone to Seed. Transgenic Contaminants in the Traditional Seed Supply" widerlegt diese Annahme.

Die Mikrobiologinnen Margaret Mellon und Jane Rissler von der Union of Concerned Scientists untersuchten konventionelles Saatgut von Mais, Soja und Raps. Sie fanden in der Hälfte der untersuchten Mais- und Sojasamen Gene aus gentechnisch veränderten Pflanzen. Rapssamen waren sogar zu 80 Prozent verunreinigt.

Die Studie bestätigt, was Kritiker der Gen-Pflanzen fürchten: Ist der Geist erst einmal aus der Büchse, lässt er sich nicht mehr kontrollieren. Was in den USA, einem der Hauptanbauländer genmanipulierter Ackerpflanzen, bereits Realität ist, macht auch vor anderen Ländern nicht Halt.

Die Studie "Gone to Seed" und eine vierseitige Zusammenfassung finden Sie auf der Internetseite der Union of Concerned Scientists: //www.ucsusa.org .

Quelle: //www.umweltjournal.de/fp/archiv/AfA_naturkost/6301.php

Nachricht von Gerd Ernst Zesar (Auszug)

New spy station installed in Darmstadt/Germany


when you scroll down to the page end of
//kai.iks-jena.de/miniwahr/darmstadt-griesheim.html#a2c you can see the latest US spy base. It has been built in Darmstadt, ca. 30 km south of Frankfurt, in central Germany. We tried to make photos while before the antennas where covered - but the building and covering work was done at night...

The Darmstadt station replaces the former station at Bad Aibling.

In peace
Regina Hagen

Bush administration eases logging restrictions on logging old-growth forests

The Bush administration eased restrictions this week on logging old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest, completing a rules change that will allow forest managers to begin logging without first looking for rare plants and animals.


The legacy of Chernobyl


I would recommend you visit this site to see what happened in "Chernobyl" This is the power of the Internet to share the realities of living seen throught eyes of ordinary people which make them extraordinary.

Regards bruno

Informant: Don Maisch

Omega-News Collection 30. March 04

Richard Clarke: "Your government failed you"

Was It All Planned? Iraq and Empire-Builders


Clarke's claims have shaken the White House to its foundations

Tenet admits CIA might have prevented 9/11

Trust Clarke: He's right about Bush

Running scared

MIA WMDs--For Bush, It's a Joke

Bush jokes about search for WMD, but it's no laughing matter for critics

Archive exposes Rumsfeld's Iraq mission

When Donald Met Saddam

U.N. Urged to Probe U.S. Role in Haiti

It's a Lobbyists' Paradise in Washington

The Entertainers

Police monitored anti-war protests, chief says

From Information Clearing House


George Bush, lying and the dogs of war

Empire state

"I don't remember"

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


President Feels the Heat, Launches an All-Out Attack

15 Years After the Exxon Valdez Disaster, the Coast Remains Polluted and Compensation is Unpaid

MIA WMDs--For Bush, It's a Joke

Fog of War Still Hasn't Lifted

The Media Politics of 9/11

Bush's Brand New Enemy is the Truth

Bush Administration Misleads About Pre-9/11 Intelligence

U.S. Officials Fashion Legal Basis to Keep Force in Iraq

In Rush to Defend White House, Rice Trips Over Own Words

Running Scared: The Bush Administration Fears Voters Will Believe Richard Clarke's Allegations

Striking Where Bush is Weakest

Nobel Peace Laureates and Scholars Speak Out on Iraq War


The Media Politics of 9/11

US and Haiti: Imperial Arrogance at its Worst


30 Iraqi War Veteran Suicides in One Year; 72 Percent of Soldiers Report Low Morale

Gulf War Veterans' Children Have Increased Risk

Pentagon Confirms Medically Unfit Soldiers Improperly Sent to Iraq War

Heads-Up To Ashcroft Proves Threat Was Known Before 9/11

Army Faces Personnel Crisis; Military Morale Crashes Under Bush


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