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Germany threatens to destroy critical climate-saving law

The European Union has, so far, been the world leader in taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But now Germany's minister for economics is working to kill a progressive EU law, critical to tackling climate change.

This law, the Emissions Trading Directive, aims to help all EU countries start reducing greenhouse gas emissions from next January. It's a major part of how countries will meet their Kyoto Protocol targets.

We need your urgent action now:

Stop oil disasters in the Baltic Sea

In just over a week countries attending an International Maritime Organization meeting will decide whether to give the Baltic Sea, and the wildlife it supports, the protection it desperately deserves.

The Baltic is one of the smallest seas in the world with some of the busiest maritime traffic. Oil spills are a real and present threat to this fragile marine environment, home to birds, seals and harbour porpoises.

More than 6,300 emails have been sent by Passport holders, calling on countries to support protection of the Baltic, but we need many more to make our voice heard. If you haven't yet taken action, please do so now, or encourage your friend's and family to get involved: http://www.passport.panda.org/campaigns/campaign.cfm?uCampaignId=462

Construction work threatens untouched Alpine wilderness

One of the largest floodplains in central Europe - home to polecats, red foxes, and a wealth of birds - is at risk.

Stop out-dated construction work on the wild Tagliamento river: http://www.passport.panda.org/campaigns/campaign.cfm?uCampaignId=541

Thank you for taking action
All the best,
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WWF International.

Please send an e-card to your friends and family encouraging them to get involved. http://passport.panda.org/tellafriend/


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