Omega-News 7-03-04

URGENT campaign: Prevent destructive fishing in the Galapagos

Your urgent action is needed now:


Bush Administration Clearing Path for Clearcuts


Bush Administration Wants Exemptions to Ozone Pact for Damaging Pesticide

Vote Against Gene-Altered Food Historic


Canada listens to world as partner in spy system

Informant: kevcross5



Informant: NHNE


Laughter of the Gods (Includes disturbing graphic image)

Informant: George Paxinos


Power corrupts

Terrorism: The next generation

Has Bush no shame?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Blix: Iraq war was illegal

Text of purported Aristide letter upon leaving Haiti

Synergism within the Bill of Rights

Information from Information Clearing House


'It is Unconscionable': 9/11 Families in Furor Over Bush/Cheney TV Ads


7.03.2004: New aggressive campaign is going on in all Israeli media channels - Cellular : survived better without it - Another deadly line in Givat Shmuel - Karin Kdoshim was 16 years old when she got leukemia, she was convinced that the power line was the reason, she heard the buzzing from the power line - Karin Kdoshim asked the head of the local council to remove the line, she was ignored, she died when she was 19.5 - After Karin Kdoshim died, the power company made a simple action : phases transposition, to reduce the magnetic field - Itay Green: the power line in Kiron will be removed within one year - Hundreds of people asked the Environment Ministry to measure the radiation - Haifa and Aco municipalities and the Gardens and Nature Conservation Authority asked Infrastructure Minister for burring power lines, target is to reduce damage to nature and view values - Mobile phones endanger gorillas' lives - Coltan is used in making mobile phones - The gorilla population in DR Congo is declining because of the mining of coltan - Previous WHO Director Brundtland has complained publicly that cellphones gave her headaches, she did not own a cellphone and forbids anyone to use one in her Geneva office, saying this is to protect herself from the electromagnetic waves - Reason to assume a new reluctance to look into microwave problems - Current WHO levels might have been kept too high - Even very low levels of microwave irradiation can trigger pain - New ethics rules at NIH : top scientists are now required to reveal financial ties to companies dealing with agency - Beginning of the end which commits torture and murder with electromagnetic weapons - Michigan passed a bill making use of any electromagnetic weapon on a human being to terrorize or injure them a felony which will draw anywhere from 15 years in prison to life in prison without possibility of parole - Public Act 256 and Public Act 257 law of Michigan - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scanners) - TV for electrically sensitive - URGENT alert : prevent destructive fishing in the Galapagos - Bush Administration Clearing Path for Clearcuts - Bush Administration Wants Exemptions to Ozone Pact for Damaging Pesticide - Vote Against Gene-Altered Food - Canada listens to world as partner in spy system - SWEDISH BOGS FLOODING ATMOSPHERE WITH METHANE



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