LOVEARTH ® NETWORK Sat, 6 Mar 2004

Arsenal Of Hypocrisy (A Great Video by Randy Atkins)

The Space Program And The Military Industrial Complex



New Laws In New Mexico Promote Green Energy

by Jeff Tollefson



Wanting War

Old: Spying On Our Friends

New: Using It To Undermine Peace

by Mark Engler



Greenspan's Economic Solution:

Take From The Poor And Give To The Rich

by Norma Sherry



A Historic Moment For The Peace & Justice Movement

Stopping The 9-11 Cover Up

Is Ground Zero For The Peace Effort

by William Douglas



No 10 To Approve GM Crop Growing

by Alison Hardie



Blix States Iraq War Was Illegal

The Former Chief Un Weapon Inspector Hans Blix

Claims The Us Lead War Against Iraq Was Illegal

by Carin Pettersson



The Brandt Equation

21st Century Blueprint For The New Global Economy



I Am Declaring Peace (Audio)

by William Florian



The Basic Laws Of Human Stupidity

by Carlo M. Cipolla

illustrations by James Donnelly



Lackluster Job Numbers (Only 21,000 In February)

A Growing Problem For Bush



If US Plays Global Prison Ratings Game, It Ought To Play By Its Own Rules

by Alan Elsner



Bush Exploits Photo Of Dead Bodies, Despite Ban



You can do a wiretap and “bug” my phone.

Try finding terrorist evidence right in my home;

Video me on the streets, stores and byways

Search my email for key words, scan my eyes;

I’ve nothing to hide - actually, I’m here to shout

You are more than welcome to it – let’s bring it out

I’ll even bring it to you – cuz my message is clear

I AM spreading the truth, boldly right in your ear

I will NOT cower in fear, get depressed, or be silent;

You will NOT own my body - I will not repent

I will NOT pay you to poison me; I will NOT nod my head

I WILL refuse to be lied to, I will find the truch instead

You cannot shut my light out, you will NOT make me shy

I will be even bolder - looking you right in the eye

You will NOT win - destroying all that gets in your way

We WILL stay united – getting stronger each day

I WANT you to know me – I want you to see

That the light is relentless and needs to be free

I want you to hear us – our voices rising in song

We will raise the vibration until WE ARE ALL ONE

I see you’re getting more desperate - that’s good news to us

We’re not wreckless nor violent – patience, faith are a plus

We’ve been waiting for eons to do what we’re here for

Ready, willing, able "Bring em on" - heard that before?

Rig the elections, manipulate the polls, control the press,

It's a temporary distraction from your ever growing mess.

And soon your games will be revealed for all to plainly see -

You're messing with our planet - that's not okay with me

And don’t even bother messing with my email;

Viruses, computer bugs with us are doomed to fail.

For every mega-tech & media corp you own –

Maverick techies by the dozens see giants overthrown!

So go ahead and BUG ME & try your tactics plenty

I want you to see us STANDING UP - united, strong and many

We stand firmly, divinely IN LOVE, TRUTH & LIGHT

There’s not darkness enough, no matter how long the night

Joy Rae Freeman March 5, 2004

Informant: George Paxinos


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