Mobile phone mast causes controversy

THE LOCATION of a new mobile phone mast has sparked controversy in Cromford.

Now the eight-metre high telecommunications pole could be raised at the electricity sub station off Baker's Lane, after three other possible sites were rejected.

But people who live and work nearby are worried about harmful rays which may be emitted by the masts.

Parish councillor Arnold Crosby said: "The parish council shares the concerns of the local residents.

"Nobody seems to have proved or disproved that there is danger from these masts. Until it is proved one way or another we have got to err on the side of safety."

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Parish chairman Mike Whitworth said: "People, for a long time, have been concerned that it isn't alright.

"We couldn't object on planning grounds but we objected on the grounds of safety.

"There always will be objections to mobile phone masts. Everyone wants a mobile phone but nobody wants a mobile phone mast near them."

Telecommunications company Orange say that mobile phone users in Cromford need the mast to improve reception.

Orange also claim that the new mast meets guidelines laid down by the Government after a report into the effects of non-ionising radiation was published last year.

Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?

Approval for the mast had been granted by Derbyshire Dales District Council at Woodseats Farm – but the landowner later withdrew consent.

The highway works along the A6 towards Cromford were also considered, but were then discounted because of insufficient space.

Cromford Rugby Ground was also mooted as a possible site – but later rejected because it was too close to the canal and the sports ground.

The application goes before a planning committee next Tuesday.

By Tim Cunningham.

28 September 2005



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