Support the appeal for Leicester's Elizabeth House Tower block

Hello John,

Nice to hear from you. I just feel we should always be trying to push the boundaries, no matter how high the wall! The Berlin Wall came down eventually. My gut feeling is we should really push this electrosensitivity (EHF) stuff before the HPA report in October waters it all down to mean nothing. I am currently tackling the appeal for Leicester's Elizabeth House Tower block. You know the 14+ antennas with big cabinets on a 15 floor block. The main and only campaigner, Phil Hendy is really ill now - no surprise, he's on the 15th and top floor, underneath a massive cabinet. Most of the 150 residents of the block are suffering to varying degrees - the least of them apathy, depression, headaches etc. Phil is trying desperately to deliver and collect the letter I wrote for the appeal in the tower block but some days he cannnot get out of bed. If any of you want to support these people from any other areas here or abroad, please email me for a copy of the appeal letter SandraLwr@aol.com . They desperately need your help because they could end up with another 6 antennas on the roof and a cabinet or two. I think they have suffered enough and we should make a stand on this one, don't you? Yes, I know the Inspectorate may ignore letters from out of area but if we can manage to get quite a few going, then they will notice the support, won't they?


Thank you for helping these people. I know they will appreciate it.

There are two versions to send, the original one and one with a protest message as the last paragraph. I have sent you both for you to choose. Also a copy of the Mast Sanity letter for your information.

You have to send 3 copies for the Inspectorate, one copy goes to the inspector, one to the council and one to the operator.

Kind regards

Sandi Lawrence
Director of Advisory Services
Mast Sanity


Planning Inspectorate agency information

Customer Support Unit

We have introduced a new Customer Support Unit and Customer Support Line service. This service provides you with a single point of contact to access all of our services in England. If you query is to do with appeals in Wales then please contact our office in Wales.

If you have an appeal under consideration you should already know a specific contact name and number, they are shown on our letters. If you do not have an appeal with us and you require more general information or help then please contact:

The Planning Inspectorate
Customer Support Unit
Room 3/01 Kite Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay

Telephone: 0117 372 6372
Fax: 0117 372 8782

The Customer Support Line telephones are answered between 08:00 and 16:45 every weekday. Outside of these times messages are received on our voicemail.

Email: enquiries@planning-inspectorate.gsi.gov.uk



Dear Sirs,

Ref: Appeal Ref no: APP/W2465/A/05/1187966 Roof of Elizabeth House LE2 0QP

I totally back all the objections raised against the appeal by 02 UK on the Elizabeth House, Leicester, planning application, and agree that nothing should be withdrawn from the planning application paperwork.

Although I represent Mast Sanity as Director of Advisory Services, this is my personal objection letter. The views I express are entirely my own, although some may also be the views of Mast Sanity.

Elizabeth House residents have been campaigning against the existing masts for several years. Not because they did not like the look of them, but because some residents felt unwell and noticed changes in the quality of their lives and health.

I had no worries about phone masts until a TETRA mast was erected on a building in Bognor Regis and I began to experience bad headaches and nosebleeds when I shopped there. Since that time I have become more and more sensitive and suffer other symptoms associated with mast sickness, which are well documented in research carried out since the 70's, some of which has been peer reviewed.

I am absolutely certain that the TETRA masts cause some people to become unwell, and that their health deteriorates, because this Bognor TETRA mast was removed after 5 months at the landowner's request, and all of the people around the mast site who had also been unwell gradually recovered after two or three weeks. Also the smaller species of birds which had suddenly left the area after the mast was turned on, gradually came back.

Also, unbeknown to anyone, TETRA was added to a previously unused BT mast in the Bognor Regis parish of Felpham shortly after, and without planning permission i.e. unlawfully. People became unwell there and appeared to have classic mast symptoms, yet none of the hard core campaigners in the area believed that there was TETRA there. They were later proved wrong. This unlawful mast is still there today with no retrospective planning permission

So, this area may be unique in that we have had proof of the health effects microwave radiation can cause in two very different ways and via the worst example of this technology, the very dangerous 02 Airwave TETRA. There is at least one TETRA mast near Elizabeth House, Leicester.

I have answered the Mast Sanity Advice Line since October 04 and have a very good idea of the extent of the so called "anecdotal evidence" of ill health across the UK. I find it hard to understand how government bodies and health officials can ignore all of this, and add further injustice to sick people by labelling this ill health as 'psychosomatic' or 'non-existent.' You have to wonder if there is any human decency in any of them and if they are any better than terrorists.

Basically, people in the UK who genuinely have classic mast symptoms (which are now being treated in Germany by German doctors), are either misdiagnosed or discredited. Some are referred to psychiatrists and further discredited. Mr D P Hendy of Elizabeth House has been put through this process, yet NHS specialists are encountering problems in treating his illnesses in the conventional way.

I know of many more people, some of whom have been asked to leave a doctor's surgery, just because they are certain that these newer mast technologies are badly affecting their health and well-being. Others have to move to another area, only to be faced with another mast planning application after they have moved.

Interestingly, all of these people who go away for a few weeks to places with less emissions begin to recover, except for those who have become severely ill, but even they find some relief.

How much more proof is needed? When will government bodies and mobile phone companies stop this practice of denial for material considerations? When too many die?

What about our children and their future? If adults are affected by this technology, the long term results for children could be even worse. Yet masts are put up in residential areas, near or on schools, hospitals etc, and very close to residential property. When will this insanity be stopped? When it is too late?

I urge the Inspector to speak to these people in Elizabeth House. It may not be the usual practice, but it needs to be done if there is to be any justice and consideration of human rights ever again in this supposedly democratic country. We should not be adding masts to the roof of Elizabeth House, we should be removing the existing masts.

I urge the Inspector to declare that "special circumstances" exist for Elizabeth House in line with the Harrogate Judgement. I ask him to be merciful to fellow human beings in great distress. Enough is enough.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S L Lawrence


I had a phone box call from Phil Hendy, the main campaigner of Elizabeth House, yesterday. He says he is managing to distribute and collect letters because he is sitting in the foyer and catching those who go in and out. I wondered if he would have the energy to cover the 10 flats on 15 floors himself, but obviously he has worked out a solution. When I told him that other areas of Leicester, and the UK, were sending in letters to back Elizabeth House, he was absolutely delighted and asked me to thank you all and tell you how much he appreciates it. He will inform the other residents as and when he can. He told me there are other flats in the same state in Leicester. He also said that there are THREE TETRA masts near Elizabeth House, one on the roof of the building opposite, on London Road, another on the roof on a buiding alongside Elizabeth House, and the third in a street nearby off of London Road. Your efforts gave Phil a lift he badly needed. I really don't know how he keeps going. He is quite amazing.



I have reproduced an email sent to me re: the Elizabeth House, Leicester appeal, with this lady's permission. I have got other offers, too, but this one has a special message for us all that I wanted you all to see.


Hi Sandi,

Thanks for your email and news update on Phil, what a brave man he is and all honours to him, I wish him much luck and success on with his campaign.

I had a thought that came to me with regards to my forthcoming photographic Exhibition in march 2006 at the Islington Town Hall Museum, for which I am exhibiting various photo's of in and around the Borough, Called Islington Uncut, whereby I am expressing various subject matters.

I am aware of a tower block at Finsbury Park in Islington that has so many phone masts on it its quite scary considering it is a residents council block, so I have decided to photograph this block and highlight the plight of phone mast sanity with this photograph, the good news is that members of the council shall be visiting my exhibition as well as the general public, so it will be a good opportunity to bring attention to this important issue. I may be asked to remove it, but I doubt it and I may never get an exhibition there again, as this is my second, however I feel quite strongly about this issue.

I shall keep you informed.......

My minds still working on other ideas...... as well......

My mother always told me I was good at putting the cat amongst the pigeons as they say.

Give my regards to phil, would like to get some photos of him at Elizabeth House, I really admire people like yourself and Phil and all those who have the guts to stand up and be counted. I was in Irealand earlier this year doing some photographic work and there is a statue in Dublin of Jim Larkin who rose to fame protesting on behalf of the working class and his plaque reads :


Kind Regards



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