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Electricity goes wireless

According to Witricity CEO E. Giler, electrical cables could soon be a thing of the past, replaced by a new system that uses electro-magnetic waves. The system is based on work by physicist Prof. M. Soliacic at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and comprehends ideas of Nicola Tesla and Th. Edison.

E. Giler was keen to stress the safety of the equipment, saying there is no risk because energy was transferred largely through magnetic fields, while humans and most objects around them are non-magnetic.

Is it very strange that CEO underestimates an electro-magnetic field impact on the environment if even so many of the most scientifically involved uni minders preached a carbon tax as panacea for stopping a climate change?


Michael Kerjman


The ICNIRP SC-I reviews are incomplete and already “outdated”


Cindy Sage comments on Dariusz Leszczynski's blog

Perhaps ICNIRP's epidemiology has it terribly wrong

Dariusz's Leszczynski response to Cindy Sage's comments

ICNIRP's latest ELF guidelines in the making


First, prof' Richter's study on soldiers exposed to microwave radiation in the army showed shortened latency period for brain tumors - <10 years only in young workers. Int J Occup and Env Health 6 page 187-193, 2000. He predicted this would happened with cell phone users. Second, we must not forget that most works on cell phones are simply biased in their methods, most of them were industry funded and it was felt in the way they were done. When studies are biased anything can be underestimation, both long and short term risk. That Rothman relied and agreed with their assumption which is already biased, is what can drive nuts anyone who looks for an objective view from leading people in the field.

Iris Atzmon


Bees dying and disappearing, are scientists really looking for the cause?

CCD Progress Report 2009: Proof by Omission

Posted by inthesenewtimes on July 23, 2009

Cailean Bochanan

23rd July, 2009

Click here for full report of CCD Steering Committee

The might of US scientific analysis and know- how has combined to produce a report on CCD, the syndrome of the disappearing bee, the key ecological issue of our time and one which constitutes nothing less than an existential crisis for humanity, such is the importance of pollination within the ecosystem.

An impressive array of experts are involved including some familiar names to those who have been following the CCD affair. Even the Department of Defence is involved. Is this a national security issue? Why not get Homeland Security in on it; or the CIA? They’ve been known to set up a sting or two.

The report itself is the result of a “ a collaborative effort to define an approach to CCD”. This approach is presumably a scientific method, but what would a layman such as myself know about that? I proceed on the basis that it isn’t entirely divorced from common sense.


Informant: Martin Weatherall



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