Dirty electricity is a vital area to consider for all Electrosensitive (ES)



Klage vor dem Europäischen Gerichtshof wegen der Millionen Todesfälle durch Zahnamalgam

Klage vor dem Europäischen Gerichtshof wegen Todesfälle durch Zahnamalgam

Für die Amalgamklage beim Europäischen Gerichtshof gilt nur das Klageformular mit dem Barcode-Ettiket (siehe Anhang).

Amalgamklage beim Europäischen Gerichtshof

Eine neue Studie zeigt, dass Amalgamfüllungen der Mutter zu Autismus beitragen kann.


Nachricht von Dr. Joachim Mutter


EMF-Omega-News 18. July 2009

Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) from GSM (0.9/1.8GHz) mobile phones induces oxidative stress and reduces sperm motility in rats

Some Facts about Cell Phone Radiation

High Frequency Radiation and Human Exposure

Parotid glands cancer: sharp increase

Parents in The Acreage fear possible cancer cluster

Chronically elevated cortisol levels stimulate the body to store fat

Animals living near large antenna masts become grossly deformed

Allergic to life

Diabetes and Electromagnetic Fields: The Evidence

MOBILE PHONE ALERT...and it’s not just cell phones

Dangers of Wi-Fi in Schools

Call for action to halt 'alarming' decline in bees

PATH neighbors sound alarm

Extension agreed to T-Mobile mast in Great Budworth

Councillors 'to approve' phone mast

Safety code 6 standards inadequate

Phone mast plan knocked back for third time

Protester erects fake phone mast

School wins mast reprieve

Parents mobilise against the mast

New limits on stray voltage

Does Transmission Tower Cause Cancer?

Magnetic fields test 'reflexes' of autism

Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy publishes first articles

Phone causes jet to change course

Next-up News Nr 1031

News from Mast Sanity

Animals living near large antenna masts become grossly deformed

A warning before you view this video! The content is shocking and unpleasant.

It shows young animals living near large antenna masts, that have become grossly deformed.

Without further information we can assume that Electro Magnetic Radiation from the antennas is causing the deformities.

I often notice many more handicapped children today, than I did in the past.

Is Electro Magnetic Radiation causing increasingly significant harm to human children?

Martin Weatherall

EMF video is in Italian,
English translation on the way



The aversive effect of electromagnetic radiation on foraging bats – a possible means of discouraging bats from approaching wind turbines.

The article below seems to be misplaced in 'Conservation Magazine' (A publication of the Society for Conservation Biology). The article says - 'One possibility is that bats can “hear” the radar pulses, causing stress or hampering their ability to hunt for prey'.

Although EMR may save bats from the quick death from a wind turbine, what will it do in the long term?

Perhaps the great increase in electro magnetic radiation throughout North America is why millions of bats are dying of a strange new illness that also causes them to starve to death. Perhaps the magazine should be advocating safe levels of EMR so that the bats can feed and live safely.

Martin Weatherall

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17 July 2009




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