Parotid glands cancer: sharp increase

A new report of the scientific committee of the israeli dentists association, presents in the first time a sharp increase of parotid glands tumor during the last five years. The researchers think it's related to the cellular phone use. The study was done by Dr. Avi Zini from Hadasah Jerusalem, with Dr. Micha Bar Hana, head of cancer registy. They checked incidence of mouth neoplasms during 1970- 2006. Until 2002 there were 25 new cases a year and in the last five years 2.8 fold increase, since the year 2000.
They did not collect data on cell phone use but they do think it can be related. 20% of the patients are under 20 years old. While most patients of mouth cancer are adults, this specific type was prevalent in young people. Mouth cancer is no. 6 in its prevalence after breast, prostate, colon, lung and skin. The data was given to prof. Sigal Sadezki, she said the new data do not include benign tumors so the real number is even higher, she said there is a need to use the precautinary principle and to extend the disucussion on the cell phone health effects.


Surprise from the Env Ministry

The surprise is that the Env ministry bans the cellular companies from entering into the market with wireless equipment in house including phones & internet connection that emit nonstop radiation. The reason? Radiation with "no justification". It was also advised that the companies should have consulted the ministry in the first place. Stelian Galberg in charge of radiation in the ministry said that it is implementation of the precationary principle & the new minister said a sentence that is really historic: "the health consideration is before any economic consideration and we don't have any intention to compromise on that subject".


The cellular companies will not be able to provide home lines

The communication and environment ministries banned the cellular companies from marketing.

Phones in the house and internet connection that are based on cellular modem, because of the radiation concern.

Bezeq and Hot companies are the big profits makers from this move.

Maariv 16.7.09

By Aviv Lavie

The cellular companies will have to conceal the plans to become an important factor in the field of communication in the house. The communication ministry executive and the environmental ministry executive summarized that the companies will receive an order to stop marketing the wired phones and the internet connection that are based on cellular modem.

Cellcom, which led the new field, already removed from its website the advertisements for these products. The companies Bezeq and other companies that operate house services that are based on wired communication are the big profit makers from this.

The story began 3 months ago, when the head of radiation arm in the environment ministry, Dr. Stelian Galberg, watched an advertisement for house communication systems of the cellular companies, that started being sold without anyone informing him. Galberg was afraid that if these systems succeed in penetrating, there would be a need to erect thousands of new antennas in order to enable them operate and the radiation quantity will increase a lot. The reason for that is that in the house the system operate as wired line like Bezeq systems but outside the house they receive the communication from the cellular antenna.

In the Environment ministry [they] approached to the communication ministry, and claimed that the law of non ionizing radiation enforces to act according to the precautionary principle, meaning expose a person to radiation only when it's justified. "When a person travels in his car and wants to talk on the phone he has no choice but do it with antennas", Galberg told to Business, "but when we are talking on the phone in the house, it can be done with wired communication".

The radiation levels will increase significantly

In the first stages, the communication ministry did not take a stand and enabled the cellular companies widen the marketing of the home systems, but in a meeting between the two executives of the ministries, the representatives of the communication ministry admitted that the only justification for the service is the technological neutrality principle, according to which, the communication ministry will offer to the public many technologies and they will choose according to their will the most suitable service.

In contrast, the environment ministry team clarified that the service will increase significantly the radiation levels to which the public is exposed "with no justification". In view of these things, it was agreed to order the cellular companies to stop immediately the marketing of home systems.

"The law forces us to act according to the precautionary principle" Galberg said yesterday. "When we transfer the guideline to the cellular companies, if some company will continue to market wired systems it will be against the law. We will enable them do it only where there is no wired communiation like in isolated houses that are disconnected to Bezeq lines".

The question is what lessons will be learnt of this development. Dr Galberg said "we discussed the lessons and the first thing we told them is 'next time ask us first'. They didn't receive it with love, but definitely with understanding". The cellular companies said that "the subject is being examined". The minister of environment said that "the health consideration is before any economic consideration, and we have no intention to compromise on this subject".

Informant: Iris Atzmon



Environmental Ministry steps up fight against cellular antennas

Ynetnews - Israel

Non-ionizing radiation refers to any type of electromagnetic radiation that does not carry enough energy per quantum to ionize atoms or molecules. ...



Cell Phone Use Increasing Mouth Cancers


Study Looks At Salivary Gland Cancer, Cell Phone Link


Dangers of Wi-Fi in Schools

By Walter Graham, Chairman, Northern Ireland Opposing Masts (NIOM)

(The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. Reproduction on the Voice Website is for readers’ information. Voice is not responsible for the information, opinions or links provided.)

Wi-Fi networks wirelessly connect to the Internet – they transmit through the air using microwaves rather than through a conventional telephone line.

The government are installing wi-fi laptops in most schools in Northern Ireland without any safety testing or warnings that there could be wide ranging side-effects. Drugs undergo years of testing before they are released to the public.

Below are the first three paragraphs of a report by Dr Andrew Goldsworthy, lecturer in biology (retired), Imperial College London, which illustrates the scientific concern:


Informant: Martin Weatherall


New limits on stray voltage

After electro magnetic radiation (from antennas and wireless devices), stray voltage (or ground current electricity), is probably one of the next worst forms of pollution affecting North America.

The Province of Ontario has been taking steps to protect farm animals affected by 'stray voltage' as reported below.

Unfortunately the government has failed to provide any protection to citizens and wildlife affected by our dangerous and outdated electrical distribution system.

While I am glad that dairy farmers and other livestock producers can now seek a remedy for harm being caused to their animals, I am very disappointed that all stray voltage issues were not properly addressed.

Martin Weatherall

New limits on stray voltage

Stray voltage law to take effect in September http://www.chathamdailynews.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1632476



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