Carrigaline, Co Cork's Health Centre's mast vastly exceeds rec. number of antennae


Carrigaline Health Centre a political issue in forthcoming election

Below is my emailed letter to Kathy Sinnott, one of my local MEPs. We are very grateful for all she has done for us on the EHS issue and hope all who can influence in some way her successful re-election will do so. My email below to Kathy on this appalling situation where an over-brimming-with-antennae mast cosyies up to the approved new Carrigaline Health centre contains (in the CC) the email addresses of the two senior Irish governmental officials-- Una Ni Dhubhghaill and Gary McGuinn--who deal with Environmental Radiation Policy here and they are also listed in that capacity on the WHO website.

I am pointing out this in case any of our supporters wish to make contact with them.

Perhaps it should also be noted that the town's very popular Carrigaline Court Hotel is situated directly across the street from this mast! And perhaps I should now go and reread Henrik Ibsen's gripping play "An Enemy of the People|" because I may soon feel/experience what his protagonist did!

Imelda O'Connor
Carrigaline, Co. Cork

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To: kathy.sinnott(at)europarl.europa.eu
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Subject: Carrigaline Health Centre's mast vastly exceeds rec. number of antennae

Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 12:31:39 +0000

Dear Kathy:

First, I wish to thank you for your wonderful initiate in co-authoring that recent written declaration (no 47/2009) on the risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields. As you are our very best political advocate on the EHS (electrohypersensitivity) issue and especially for speaking up for us in the EU, I am addressing this email primarily to you but of course the alarming facts about the proposed new Health Centre in Carrigaline being adjacent to a mast heaving with antennae should be of vital political concern to all other political aspirants who receive this email.

Earlier this week, I unearthed even more disturbing facts about Carrigaline's new Health Centre to be built cheek-by-jowl with an existing communciations mast. The mast has almost double the number of recommended antennae and that may very well be why an application by Meteor, in late January 2009, to Cork Planning Authorities at Cork County Coucil, was withdrawn by Meteor within two months of its application. Its letter to Cork County Council (Planning Division) stating its intention to withdraw is dated 04.03.2009 and its application was formally withdrawn on 06.03.09. Last Monday, I consulted its (Meteor's) inactive file in the Planning Authority of Cork County Council and found two very insightful letters of objection lodged by two families who live close to the mast. The text of the two letters of objection is in the accompanying attachments. To protect the identities of these families, I have omitted their names--although this information is now in the public domain and can be accessed by anyone who reads the file.

It is diconcerting that no local political or health representatives appear to have even noticed that the number of antennae on this mast was shockingly over the limit and then to give the go-ahead for it to share the same acreage with a Health Centre is lunacy.

With local elections scheduled for early June, now is an opportune time to focus the attention of all who aspire to represent our--the voters--concerns on this gross situation where a Health Authority has been given the go-ahead to build a Health Centre mere feet from a huge, over-the-limit-with-antennae mast.

Of course, I will be giving my vote to those who take our issue of EHS very seriously, such as you do, Kathy.

Good luck in June.

Best Wishes,

Imelda O'Connor
29 Castle Hill
Co. Cork



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