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Clamart Town Council deactivated the Orange relay antenna on the roof of the council offices in the name of the precautionary principle

York residents object to Vodafone mast

Warning given about 'electrosmog' on Island

Resident fears over electricity upgrade

Anger over power line upgrade and health issues

Artificial radiation from directed energy HF microwaves from Hertzian Repeaters and Relay Antennas

Social worries about new Smart Meters for gas/electricity

Pressure Mounts to Amend Directive Restricting MRI Use in Europe

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Wi-fi and Wimax: Why You Shouldn't Use Them

Wimax in the U.S


Did you hear about the big new deal? I'm talking about the deal that will make the whole USA one big hot spot?

In case you didn't see the story here's what's happening.

Sprint and Clearwire have joined forces to build a new 'WiMax' network.Wi-Max is a new wireless technology made to reach way beyond anything in place today. Simply put, Wi-Max is Wi-Fi on steroids.

Here's what I mean: Bluetooth technology will work up to a distance of about 30 feet. A Wi-Fi signal will work up to a distance of about 300 feet. Now get ready for this. WiMax will work up to a distance of 3 miles from a mobile base and up to 30 miles from a stationary base! Did you get that? 30 MILES !!!

(If you want to know more about Wi-Fi and Wi-Max I recently posted an article about this technology at //ezinearticles.com/?id=1083187 .)

The idea is to cover whole metropolitan cities with a Wi-Max signal.

The goal is to make the USA one great big hot spot. This means we're all going to get blanketed with wireless radiation whether we like it or not 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This giant network will have "open access" meaning anyone with a compatible device will be able to access it. Web applications like email and videos will also be supported. So it'll be very popular and no doubt will open up wireless access to a much larger segment of the population.

The founding companies hope to have Wi-Max services available to half the U.S. population by 2010 and the whole USA shortly thereafter.

Who's involved in this giant scheme besides Sprint and Clearwire? Well, Comcast is contributing $1.05 billion, Intel is contributing $1 billion, Time Warner Cable is throwing in $550 million and Google another $500 million. Google has already invested $600 million in Clearwire previously.

So those are your major players in this massive electropollution- producing machine. You can figure out why they're kicking in so much money by what they do. They know this is going to be a massive market and they want to capitalize.

We've got a lot of work to do to educate others. You know, it's
30 miles of Wi-Max today but it'll be 300 miles of something else in a year to two. That's just what technology does. Especially when there's no one around to look out for the safety of all those who will be blanketed by this giant Wi-Max cloud. Where are you, FDA?

Lynn Quiring, RPh, CCN, NMD
[ //ezinearticles.com/?expert=Lynn_Quiring ]

From: Mark G./Iris Atzmon



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