Every house to have gas and electricity 'smart' meter by 2020


Please take this issue of "Smart Meters" deadly seriously. I have looked into this for some time now, collected some info on the devices, and checked it out with British Gas and Scottish Power and found out that and what they are intending, is to put a Wi-Fi device into Every British Household!!! And, They are NOT, as it claims in newspaper articles and by the OFF-whatever, intending to run this system over the land line or the internet!

All "Smart Meters" installed inside our houses will use Wireless Mobile Phone Technology to communicate with our electrical devices to be able to give them/us a picture of how much these different devices are using, and to manupulate us to turn down our heating, the temperature of our ovens, to save energy etc. (welcome back Salmonella, as many will be eating half raw foods again?) This info will then be communicated from the "Smart Meter" out to the Mobile Phone Base Station in your street/road (in many cases opposite your house) and from there to a utility information central, ready to be used to bill us, cutting down on our use or cutting us off alltogether.

So, We NEED to find out if this "Smart Metering" will be COMPULSARY! (I am told by British Gas it will!)

(How they will operate this system inside my home and our office unit I have no idea, as all walls are painted with earthed Way-Shield on the inside and all windows are protected by metal netting and the special curtain material from Powerwatch, so no signals will be able to get through either building, they will probably be bouncing between all the walls, ceilings and floors for ever.

Graham Philips you might know and help us here, by telling us what would happen in that case

But think about the serious complications for ALL EHS people. If this will be compulsary installed, they will in practice be making ALL EHS people homeless, and out of a place to work! H3G made me and my family homeless in 2003 as well as out of a workplace, I am not about to let that happen once more, (even if that will mean electricity by a Diesel generator and a coal fired central heating, as well as opening up again the old well in my yard) , but neither do I wish anyone else to experience that kind of devestating ordeal and squalor!

So please all. We need to find a strategy to stop this and FAST!

Please lets work on this seriously.

I guess the only positive (maybe) thing is the state of devestating mess our politicians have put them selfs in now, which might make them more receptive to helping a very large group of potential VOTERS! who do have a genuine problem here. Please respond and give all your ideas about how we tackle this very serious threat.

Best regards.



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