UK: “Smart meter” plans to be outlined

BBC News [UK]


The government is to unveil plans for every home in the UK to be equipped with smart meters by the end of 2020. Smart meters allow suppliers to remotely record customers’ gas and electricity use, and let consumers see how much energy they are using. Some 26 million electricity and 22 million gas meters will need to be fitted at a cost of £7bn...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Not so Smart

Thanks to the noble efforts of Lord 'Smart Meter' Truscott, (NuLabour) (... expected to face a police investigation after he boasted to undercover reporters that he arranged an amendment to the Energy Bill as it passed through parliament to ensure that smart meters would be installed in every UK home.... He was employed at the time as a £2,000-a-day consultant to one of the world's largest manufacturers of smart meters. (Landis & Gyr) 'He has now resigned....' blah blah) we are all to have gas and 'leccy meters which will communicate wirelessly.

The plus is bigger profits for the power co's. who can do away with meter readers and data staff and suck in the cash faster.

While the installation prog. will cost £billions, it is consumers who will be paying for it all over several years. Hyped 'benefits' for consumption reduction are not being identified by consumers in current test areas.

There are a variety of designs and operating modes for wireless meters. Some countries have introduced them and interference problems indicate that these 'low power' transmitters do not come without effects. For some people it will add a health challenge as most are microwave, often GSM, with needlessly frequent transmit rates.

Fasten your helmets (but don't expect any consequences for Lord 'Smart Meter' - except perhaps more 'Brown' envelopes).


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