EMF-Omega-News 9. May 2009

Exposure of mcf-7 breast cancer cells to electromagnetic fields up-regulates the plasminogen activator system

Disturbance of the immune system by electromagnetic fields

Beware, exorbitant cell phone use may cause brain tumor

Morbidity Experience in Populations Residentially Exposed to 50 Hz Magnetic Fields

Minister urges telecom operators to be sensitive to public concerns

Panamanian Supreme Court Suspends Antenna Installation

Mobile phone mast allergy increases

Regulation on the installation of mobile telephone base stations in proximity to schools

Direct application of the principle of precaution to mobile phone masts

Wireless LAN’s in the school room

Open Letter to Parents, Teachers, School Boards Regarding Wi-Fi Networks in Schools

The Birds, the Bees and Electromagnetic Pollution

Mobile base station proliferation defies Structure Plan – FAA

FDA's CDRH asks to consult with the Bioinitiative group

International Non-Ionizing Radiation and Health Workshop in Brazil, May 18-19, 2009

Cellular companies killed TV show

Potential hazards of wi-fi technology in schools

Alternative site for Marlow mast found

Change over mobile phone masts

Battle over plans for Vodafone mobile phone masts in Nuneaton

NCC battles proposal to limit wireless stations

Masts threaten heritage

Château-Thierry: The Orange relay antenna is still emitting radiation

Town centre mast gets the go-ahead

Brunshaw phone mast plan blocked

Cell Phone Tower Opponents Celebrate as City Council Acts

Residents pledge to fight pub phone mast plans

Budbrooke campaigners halt countryside phone mast plan

Public inquiry to begin over location of Burnham-On-Sea phone mast

The Angriest Riding in BC

Options to Minimize EMF/RF/Static Field Exposures in Office Environments

Victime d'un cancer, il accuse l'opérateur

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