Relationship between exposure to electromagnetic radiation at work and breast cancer

Institute of Health Carlos III Ministry of Health and Consumption

Dr. Gonzalo López-Abente Ortega, Prof. Per Gustavsson, Prof. Fernando Rodríguez Artalejo.

Integral Study (Spanish) Conclusions of the study page 169, 170 and 171.


Preface Prof. Per GUSTAVSSON

Mammary cancer is the leading cancer form among women in western countries. The International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon has recently classified ELFMF as possibly carcinogenic to humans, and also pointed out the large gaps in our knowledge of potential cancer hazards from exposure to ELFMF. Sweden has a long history of population records and censuses, and a national cancer registry since 1958. The Swedish Cancer Environment Registry, CER, is based on a linkage of cancer cases with occupational titles obtained from the censuses, permitting the calculation of cancer rates per occupation. There are no data on occupational exposures in this register. For the present study, data on exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields, ELFMF, obtained from a large survey of exposure levels in the 100 most common occupations in Sweden were used. The exposure data were incorporated by the use of job exposure matrix technique. The large study size made it possible to investigate the risk of mammary cancer per occupation among both women and men, and to investigate the influence of exposure to ELFMF. In addition, important descriptive data on the geographical distribution of mammary cancer among women and men in Sweden were obtained. Advanced biostatistical techniques were used for risk calculations, as well as for the exploration and visualization of exposure-response relations. The study gives a contribution to the understanding of the potential role of ELFMF in the causation of mammary cancer in humans, although many questions remain unresolved in this important area of research.

Per GUSTAVSSON, Karolinska Hospital Estocolmo


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