Agency to set electromagnetism exposure limits

Kyodo News

The industrial safety agency will set up standards early next year to protect the public from exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields that exist close to power lines and appliances whenever there are electric currents, officials said Monday.

An ordinance under the Electricity Enterprises Law will be revised to comply with a World Health Organization recommendations in June to set exposure limits against the biological effects of low-frequency electric and magnetic fields.


Informant: Teresa Binstock


The Frey Effect



Position Statement on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity



Excellent book re EHS and MCS

I have recently had the pleasure of reading a book which may be of great assistance to persons who are Electro Hyper Sensitive and persons who are Multiple Chemical Sensitive. The title of the book is "The Sick House Survival Guide", written by Angela Hobbs.

In 1996, Angela and her family moved into an area of homes in Newmarket, Ontario, where electrical usage was very high. She soon started to become ill. The first symptoms that she noticed were allergies caused by chemicals and building materials. Eventually, she realized electrical and electro magnetic pollution was causing her serious harm and may have initiated her allergies.

Her book describes how she discovered the different problems and how she found ways to help herself and ensure the safety of her family. The last part of the book is dedicated to assisting readers to find out how they can discover what things are making them sick and describes mitigation techniques to correct the problems.

The book may be particularly helpful for other people, such as relatives, friends, medical professionals and persons who find it difficult to understand EHS and MCS. The book gives a unique perspective of what it is like to suffer from these ailments and what can be accomplished when sensible solutions are used.

The book is available in libraries across Canada, it is in some bookstores and is available online at Angela's website //www.sickhousesurvival.com and from the publisher at //www.newsociety.com .

Martin Weatherall
Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution (WEEP)


Scientists a step closer to steering hurricanes



Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine and Morgellons & Chemtrails



Lloyd's preparing for personal injury related to cell phone use

Lloyd’s of London is preparing for the next big liability action — for personal injury damages based on the use of cell phone technology.

“Mobile phones are now so ingrained in our daily lives that the thought of living without them is impossible,” Lloyd’s notes in a posting on its Web site. “Commercially and personally, mobile technology has revolutionized the way in which we live.

“So what would happen if, say in 20 years time, the link between the electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by mobiles is proven to be linked with a higher susceptibility to illness?



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