Repacholi Admits Interference from the Industry at the World Health Organisation EMF Project



Repacholi CV

What of his Chairmanships of self selecting bodies which have assiduously excluded expert bioscientists who challenge their industry aligned views?


IRPA/INIRC: Member of the International Radiation Protection Association's (IRPA) International Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee since 1978. Chairman of Committee 1988—1992.

ICNIRP: Inaugural Chairman of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection May 1992 to April 1996. ICNIRP - an "independent" scientific body chartered to review the scientific literature and provide advice on protection from exposure to all non-ionizing radiations and fields. (ICNIRP was formed from the membership of IRPA/INIRC )


of ICNIRP, based in Germany and constituted as a 'private club'.

The late Dr Neil Cherry said - 'Is ICNIRP really an independent body of scientists? In 2000 in Europe I talked with scientists who described ICNIRP as a self-appointed NGO. This description seemed to make sense as they only appoint people who agree with them.

They claim that they are independent of the WHO and are recognised by it. "Who in the WHO recognises them?" is my question. The answer is "Dr Michael Repacholi". He claims to be independent of ICNIRP, but actually helped to form it, chaired it for many years and is currently Chairman Emeritus.

I believe that this is a construct to give each other status and credibility. When independent scientists look at the ICNIRP and WHO scientific assessments these assessments are obviously and demonstrably selective, biased and methodologically wrong by inappropriately dismissing epidemiological evidence. This has been demonstrated in my ICNIRP review report and in my presentations in Europe'.

(See also 'No secrets between ICNIRP and WHO Emf Group - half the membership is common!')

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