How can people who are elected to represent people allow this kind of subterfuge to continue?

I was interested to see the USA's Dept. of Defence mentioned, as it is very prominent in Paul Brodeur's book 'The Zapping of America'. The D. of D. had a lot of influence in the scandal of the Pandora Project, regarding the Russian bombardment of the Ambassador's office in the American Embassy in Moscow with radar at 4.0 Milliwatt (1950s to '70s). The American 'safe' levels of EMR were then 10.0 Milliwatt!

Two ambassadors died of a leukaemia-like disease - one of them, Walter J. Stoessel also "had suffered nausea and bleeding in his eyes"; many staff had 40% raised white bloodcell count; two children were sent back to America with blood anomalies and many other symptoms were found.

Dr. Thomas Gresinger, then of the George Washington Uni. Medical School, heard lab technicians at the State Dept. joking about being told to take 'buccal smears' from homecoming Embassy staff after being instructed to tell the people they were being tested for abnormal bacteria - and not for detecting chromosomal abnormalities, which was actually the case! Gresinger was told by the head of the cryogenics lab at the University, that there was a lot of radiation at the Embassy and he was looking for chromosome breaks in the returning employees - and finding them in significant numbers!

How can people who are elected to represent people allow this kind of subterfuge to continue? How can they live with themselves when they have not listened or sent independent investigators to ensure the safety of other human beings? The same thing is happening in my country - the HPA is ignoring the victims and refusing to carry out independent epidemiological studies in the homes of those affected by EMR. Dr. Simon Mann, a new ICNIRP recruit is now working in the HPA. Michael Repacholi must be laughing his head off and wallowing in the money he gats from the phone companies!

When I see the suffering in my village (and everywhere else) caused by the Orange mast I want to cry for the cruel way they are being treated. I know how it feels to live there, because I cannot spend very long in their homes because I feel so ill. I would have had to move, or destroy the mast. He latter would be simply self defence!

Gill Lyden




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